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What You Can Learn From Great Golfers

    Great Golfers

    5 Essential Character Attributes Coveted to Be a Great Golfer

    A great golfers almost always has some exceptional character traits that play a significant role in enhancing their performance. It has been seen through research that the people having these characteristics have scored more than 95 percentile in most of the tournaments.

    Great Golfers

    These vital characteristics can be enlisted as follows:

    Abstract Thinking

    Most of the time you spend in between shots and putts. This means that you need to manage your thoughts for the major part of your playing schedule.

    Therefore, intellectuals have a tough time doing this.

    What you think between the shots plays a major role in your game. You should not use the time between shots pondering on futile thought processes like the point to stand and the irritating partner of yours.

    This is nothing but sheer wastage of energy. Instead, you should think of positive thoughts like the beauty of the day or your evening plan in the restaurant.


    This is one mandatory thing. This is one of the greatest challenges for the extroverts and the intense-thinkers. Except for the shot and putt, their thought seems to wander everywhere.

    But to be a good player, you must have a great focus. Without that, you won’t be able to achieve much.

    Emotional stability

    Before you begin with your game this is one thing that you must take care of. To play a good game, it is important that you are not distracted by the previous shot.

    courseJust let go of whatever has happened in the previous shots and concentrate on the next shot. So for any great golfer, it is essential to retain the emotional stability to give the hundred percent shot.


    This is another thing that you must keep in mind while playing golf. You should not get emotionally involved while playing.

    You might feel bad for your opponent and feel like teaching him the apt skills, but during a competition, your sole purpose should be winning and nothing else. After the match, you can show what a nice person you are.


    This is another thing that is vital for any sports and in golf it is irreplaceable. There are mainly two types of confidence. Performance confidence and personal confidence.

    reading greenPerformance confidence is enhanced with the help of practice, preparation, and trouble solving attitude. Personal confidence is built by being more kind to oneself and accepting the compliments generously.

    Overall you should involve in less self-thrashing.

    The above are some of the vital character traits to be a successful golf player.

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