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What Height Do I Tee the Ball?

    tee ballYou’re quite new to the game of golf; you pull out the driver on the first tee along with a golf ball and tee.

    You begin to push the tee into the ground before stopping and asking yourself, ‘what height do I tee the ball?’

    It’s a pretty basic task in a round of golf. You simply stick the tee into the ground and then place your golf ball on top.

    However, it’s necessary that you place the tee at the ideal height into the ground for the club you are using.


    You’ll be putting yourself at a disadvantage if not.

    The height of the tee isn’t just as easy as saying, ‘place the tee at X amount’. This is because it’s all relevant to the club that you are using.

    Driver & Woods

    As a general rule of thumb when teeing up using the driver and woods, you should ensure that at least half of the golf ball is above the crown, (the top) of the golf club.

    You shouldn’t be teeing up any higher than the bottom of the golf ball being level with the crown, (the top) of the golf club.

    To find what works best for yourself; when you’re next at the driving range, trying different tee heights and experiment with what works for you.

    So what happens if I tee it lower or higher than what you say?

    Well, you won’t get kicked off the golf course or anything like that, but you could be putting yourself at a disadvantage.

    Too high: Easily done by many golfers because they think if they tee the golf ball really high then it will get the ball airborne. That’s the idea right? The ball is sitting up, making it easier to hit and travel in the air.

    Well if you tee it too high at the most embarrassing end of the scale you may hit completely underneath the ball, (the old lob wood).

    You can imagine what happens then… the ball goes straight up in the air only traveling a mere few yards. You become very awkward on the first tee as other playing members hold their laughter in.

    If you manage to hit the golf ball away while teeing it too high, you will actually be promoting an upward swing path. Yes, that is desirable on a driver but it’ll be too much of a desirable thing.

    You will also create a swing that is very ‘flat’. You will be swinging it more like a baseball swing.

    My golf swing is very flat and naturally works well for hitting the driver where I need a little sweeping action but it does cause pulled shots to the left, (right-handed).

    Too low: Can you guess the results of a driver/wood that is teed too low?

    Well you will cause a swing that hits down on top of the golf ball, thus creating too much backspin and a golf shot that actually goes too high. You might also bring in lots of topped golf shots.


    Irons are much simpler; you should only be using the golf tee to create ‘the perfect lie’ from your tee shot. They aren’t there to give you extra distance or loft, (although you could change the loft of the tee to produce a different ball flight). So with an iron you can push the tee into the ground so that only the butt of the tee peg is sticking out from the ground.

    The club face of the iron will do the rest of the work.

    To sum up – Pay attention to the height of your golf tee because it could be giving you a disadvantage. You could shave some strokes off your handicap buy such a small change.

    If you find that you snap too many tees when using an iron? As you push the tee in, wiggle it about and you’ll snap much less. Also wooden are a better buy because unlike plastic they don’t bend causing your golf ball to sit on an angle, (thus creating unwanted side spin).

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