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The Relationship Between Music and Golf

    music golfSince the first ever bulky Walkman that was released back in the seventies, people have been using music on the go ever since.

    Now with the latest technology such iPod’s, MP3 players and Smartphones, we can all easily carry around our favourite music.

    But what relationship do music and golf have? Can we benefit from music while we practice at the driving range, or on your local course practice ground?

    Using music while you are practicing can help you switch off from all of your surrounding noises – such as traffic and other golfers around you.

    However, if you use the practice facilities at your local golf course then you need to be aware of other golfers and especially any wayward golf shots… FORE!

    So it might be a good idea to take one earbud out or use a lower volume. This rule may also apply at the driving range… depending how bad the golfer in the bays around you are! Believe me, I have seen it done.

    What benefits can be achieved from practicing with music?

    Most people will agree with this statement, ‘play music with a fast tempo/beat, and you will train harder and faster’. That’s perfect if you’re in the gym or running but might not play true to all golfing practice.

    It’s best to start practicing with the music you enjoy listening too and if you find that a certain tempo isn’t helping, switch it around.

    Finding music with a good tempo can help you find the groove within your swing and golf shot routine. For example; personally me for, I would struggle to practice my putting stroke while listening to fast heavy metal, simply because it’s too fast for my routine.

    However, being a music lover of a vast majority of genres, it’s not difficult to pick something that’s more in tempo with my routine thus helping me to focus and improve the quality of my practice session.

    So by finding a good tempo, you can benefit from a practice session that is set at a good tempo, which in the long run will help you on the course.

    Listening to music will almost certainly be in your favour as opposed to hinder your performance. As I mentioned before, you need to find what music works for you and what doesn’t.

    You might find that booming that driver works well with fast-paced music, some of you might find that a slower classical type genre is the key to keeping your swing in check, not trying to smash the dimples off the ball.

    Mix it around, see what works for you and you’ll soon enough reap the benefits of a better training session and improving at your golf game.

    I hope that you found this post a little eye opener to trying music with your next practice session. Remember tempo is the key and music can help give you that tempo.

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