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The King of the Golf Swing

    golf swingHow do I hit my drives further? Why does my back hurt after playing a round of golf? Why am I so inconsistent with my golf swing?

    Companies have spent billions of dollars on research and development trying to answer these questions, sending golfers out to the stores every year to get the latest and greatest equipment.

    While advances in golf technology certainly provide a measure of improved consistency and driving distance.

    The biggest power generator and key to a repeatable golf swing is often overlooked by the majority of amateurs. Little do they know what they have been searching for has been with them all along. And they’re probably sitting on it right now!

    Every PGA tour player’s swing is different but they all have one thing in common… proper kinematic sequencing. This is a fancy phrase for the order in which certain muscles fire in both the backswing and the downswing.

    Everyone from Jim Furyk, to Jordan Spieth, to Rory McIlroy all start their backswing and downswing with the exact same sequence.

    This sequence starts with acceleration of the hips, then trunk, then lead arm, then clubhead at the start of both the backswing and the downswing.

    The hips accelerating into rotation provides the beginning of the momentum that transfers force all the way up the body into the clubhead.

    The hips then decelerate before the clubhead finishes its maximum acceleration which transfers the force into the clubhead.

    A good example is like popping someone with a rolled up towel.

    How do you make the towel pop someone harder?

    You increase the speed of your arm and decelerate it which transfers significant amounts of energy through the towel and into your victim.

    In this example your arm moving forward is equivalent to your hips rotating in the golf swing. The faster you can accelerate and decelerate hip rotation, the more “whip” you will get with the clubhead.

    The biggest, most powerful hip rotator is the gluteus maximus or commonly referred to as your butt.

    Not only does it provide forceful external rotation of the hip, but it is one of the strongest stabilizers of the hip.


    The Titleist Performance Institute refers to the glutes as the “king of the golf swing”.

    The “king” MUST have strength and stability to prevent everything else from falling apart.

    If the glutes aren’t doing their job, it results in a loss of posture and a whole host of other swing faults that lead to inconsistent golf swings, loss of power, and increased pain.

    If you feel like you could stand to gain 10-15 yards on your drives or hit the golf ball more consistently, visit your local TPI certified expert to help identify and correct physical limitations in your golf swing.

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