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The Best Golf Instruction Books – Golf Books

    In fact, that list of questions was created from talking to literally thousands of other golfers, just like you, who struggle with the exact same problems on the course, time and time again…

    It’s frustrating, isn’t it? When you take your backswing and know, in the back of your mind, that you’re about to mishit another shot…

    …that if you can even find your ball, you’ll already be playing from behind, and have to hit an aggressive, miraculous shot just to save double-bogey?

    To feel absolutely powerless to improve your game and consistently play excellent rounds of golf shooting 80…or lower?

    …3 and 4-putting to the point where you want to throw your club (we won’t tell anyone about that one time the club “slipped” out of your hands)…

    …or otherwise trotting out to the course with your buddies, just chasing that feeling of hitting the ball perfectly one time every few rounds?

    What’s worse is that no one has taken the time to take the blindfold off of you and point you remotely close to the right direction.

    I mean, hey, it’s not your fault. Golf is an incredibly difficult game, even for pro golfers who practice relentlessly.

    It’s not your fault that you’re approaching the game from the wrong mindset. No one has told you that it’s possible to shave up to double-digit strokes off your game with a minimal investment of time and practice…

    How a Hack Golfer Became a Golf Swing Doctor Capable of Turning “Joe Duffer” into “The King of the Course”

    You see, as I got older, a little something called “life” started to get in the way of my golf game.

    Everywhere except the golf course, that is. As I got my life in order, I threw my bag…

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