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The 3 Ball Positions You Need To Play Golf

    3 Ball Positions

    Hello I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor.

    Today we are going to be looking at the 3ball positions you need to play this great game of golf.

    Stay tuned.

    So what are the 3 ball positions you need to play golf? The first position I am going to talk aboutis any shot you play from the grass.

    So whether it’s a fairway wood, whether it’sa 3 iron, whether it’s a 7 iron, 9 iron or a pitch.

    All of these shots you play from the middle of your stance.

    So if I put a golf ball there.

    That’s in line with that tee.

    All I need to do is make sure that and that is the correct ball positionfor every single shot you hit from the fairway.

    And the reason we do that is because the clubswings in a “U” shape.

    It comes up and it comes down.

    We need that club to hit underneath the ball.

    We need that happening at the bottom of the swing.

    Where is the bottom of the swing? It should be half way between my feet.

    So if we can do that the club gets under the ball and the ball goes in the air due to the loft of the golf club.

    So that’s the ball position we need for all shots played from the fairway.

    The other position or the second ball position we need is when we use a driver.

    For pretty much any shot we play from thetee.

    If I was to have my ball in the middle ofmy stance like I did for all of those fairway shots.

    i am going to catch the ball far to high on the club face and I am going to get under it and I will sky it.

    During the course of the swing as I said it comes down and comes up like a “U” shape.

    So we need to move the ball forward in my stance so that catch the ball on the up slightly or hitting it with an ascending blow or improving the angle of attack.

    It’s a positive angle of attack.

    So we are basically we are not hitting upon it the club is coming up of it’s own accord.

    You don’t really want to feel like you are hitting up.

    Because that will make you top it.

    So to encourage that nice centred contact.

    Just move the ball to the left hand side.

    And that just happens to be level with my left heel.

    So when I take my driver.

    The ball is teed up nice and high, we want half the ball to be above the crown of the golf club.

    And from that position I am going to be inthe right position for the club to come down, bottom out there, make contact with it.

    And the ball will launch it the air.

    So we will see how I go with that one.

    And that ball launched nice and high.

    It hada gentle little fade.

    But because of the ball position being forward.

    I was able to make contact on the up.

    So what’s the last position? The last position we need to learn is when we play a chip shot.

    we want to play the ball level with our right foot or the back foot.

    So when we play a chip we want to keep the club low to the ground.

    We want the ball to go low.

    Land on the green and then release.

    And then run to the hole.

    So by having the ball back in my stance.

    Or level with my right foot.

    It enables me to keep my club lower to theground.

    Hit it with a slightly descending blow.

    Remember with a driver we were wanting anascending blow.

    By moving the ball back in my stance it encourages a slight descending blow.

    And that helps me to get the ball just slightly in the air,and from there the ball runs.

    So they’re the three ball positions you need to learn to play golf.

    Thank you for letting me help you with your golf.

    I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor.

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