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Switching Golf Shafts

    Golf Shafts

    Golf Shafts

    Did you know that by switching over to the proper golf shaft you could add another 15 to 20 yards to your swing? Not just can be selecting the best shaft to boost your drive, it can likewise help your accuracy.

    Golf ShaftsThe shaft often referred to as “the engine” of a golf club, is as important as choosing the right club head. However, most golf enthusiasts do not offer to pick the proper shaft the attention it should have.

    It’s not uncommon for a golf enthusiast to invest $300 -$ 400 on a brand-new golf club, without giving the shaft a reservation. Few golf enthusiasts even realize they can transform their shaft or pick one to fit their game.

    Without the best shaft, having the most effective clubheads will certainly still not provide you the ball flight, drive, accuracy and feel you’re searching for.

    Considering that there are no market requirements for flex or torque when it concerns golf club shafts, it can be really difficult to compare specs from various makers.

    When choosing a golf club shaft, here’s a brief introduction of what to look for.

    Steel Shafts vs. Graphite shafts:

    The basic thought is that beginners and also intermediate golf players should utilize graphite shafts and progressed golf enthusiasts ought to use steel shafts.

    That’s not true any longer. Similar to any sort of golf tools the best choice is to try both as well as see which one functions finest for your swing. Even expert golf enthusiasts have made the shift from steel to graphite shafts.

    Tiger Woods, for instance, switched to making use of a graphite shaft in his driver.

    What are the distinctions between steel shafts and graphite shafts?

    accuracyGraphite is a lighter material than steel, reducing the total weight of your golf club. They permit longer clubs and they have extra building and construction choices than steel shafts. Graphite shafts additionally decrease the shock at impact.

    Steel shafts, in general, are less costly than graphite and are taken into consideration to be a lot more sturdy. The high quality of graphite shafts has enhanced significantly over the last 10 years, making them virtually as sturdy as a steel shaft.

    Since graphite shafts are lighter than steel, it will certainly increase your swing rate, giving you more distance. Graphite shafts just do not provide you the very same “feedback” as steel shafts do.

    Graphite shafts are normally advised for ladies, seniors and also players with a reduced swing rate looking to add distance to their swing.


    Primarily, the amount of flex refers to the capacity of a golf club shaft to flex throughout the swing. The incorrect quantity of flex for your swing will certainly create the club face to be misaligned at impact. This impacts the distance, precision, and trajectory of the ball.

    The most effective way to establish the correct flex is by using a launch display. This will aid a fitter to have a better understanding of the launch conditions throughout the moment of impact. This will, in turn, aid them to figure out the most effective flex for your game.

    fairways and greensEven without making use of a launch display, you can still identify your proper flex. If you understand how far you hit your golf ball, you can use that number as a scale for flex choice.

    For instance, you ought to probably utilize an extra-rigid shaft if you struck the ball greater than 260 yards. For 240 to 260 yards, make use of a stiff flex.


    As a basic regulation, especially for newbies, you must make use of the softest flex you can regulate with no trouble. If you’re not sure, make use of the softer flex. Most golfers are using a shaft that’s to stiff for their game. They ‘d be pleasantly stunned if they switched over to a softer shaft.

    When using a shaft that’s as well stiff, you’ll most likely have a reduced as well as a much shorter ball trajectory. The ball will typically go off to the right (for right-handed golfers) and your shots may not feel as strong.

    Torque, Weight, Length and Flex Points:

    If you desire to release the ball a bit higher, a higher torque shaft will assist. Contrasted to a shaft with a high torque ranking, a reduced torque shaft will normally release the ball lower with decreased spin.

    Weight is an individual choice. A lighter shaft will certainly let you swing the club much faster, which can increase range. Simply see to it you fit with the total equilibrium as well as the feeling of the club.

    practiceA longer club will enhance your club head speed offering you much more range, but you’ll typically have to offer up some accuracy and also consistency. For continually long, straight hits, a much shorter club makes more feeling.

    Flex points, or kick points, refer to exactly how “pointer stiff” a shaft is. Generally, the shaft with the softer suggestion has a lower kick point, which suggests it will certainly produce a higher first launch angle. If you wish to reduce your ball trip, you should choose a shaft with a greater kick factor or a stiffer tip.

    Tiger Woods, for instance, changed to utilizing a graphite shaft in his driver.

    Considering that graphite shafts are lighter than steel, it will certainly boost your swing speed, providing you much more range. Graphite shafts simply do not offer you the very same “comments” as steel shafts do.

    Primarily, the amount of flex refers to the capability of a golf club shaft to bend during the swing. Flex factors, or kick factors, refer to how “pointer stiff” a shaft is.

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