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Short Game Lesson – Spot vs Feel

    Spot vs Feel

    Hi, Robin here.

    So when you’re chipping orpitching, do you choose a spot on the green where you want to land the ball, and you’rejudging how much the ball is going to run from that spot? Or do you look at the pinor the hole and then simply try to react? For me, I think most people, when they startplaying golf, it’s the second one.

    We look at the hole, we look at the ball, and we hitthe shot.

    But then as we start playing more often, and we get some advice from friendsor have a lesson, we normally start trying to pick spots.

    Well, for me, a lot of players that’s a benefit,it helps them.

    They chip better, they get up and down more often, but it’s not for everybody.

    Personally, I find that I chip better, I get up and down more often, if I simply look atthe hole, I visualize myself trying to make the shot, then I hit the ball.

    I react, Itrust my instinct.

    And I think there’s other players out there as well who will chip betterthat way.

    But you think, you’ve got to pick a spot, that’s the standard method.

    What I suggest to my students is you’ve gotto work this out for yourself.

    And a good way to do that is play a game, spot versushole.

    Take two balls.

    With the first ball, pick the spot, trying to visualize how muchthe ball is going to run, what flight you need when you hit that shot.

    It’s a combinationof a few things when you’re picking a spot.

    Actually, I hit my spot there, but I judgedit wrong.

    Second one, look at the hole, trust your instinct, and then react.

    Now that would be common for me, I definitelyworked out that I chip better when I just look at the hole, I trust my instinct.

    ButI know that’s not for everybody.

    So take two balls, play a game, maybe 20 differentspots around the green.

    Don’t always play the first ball spot.

    Vary that.

    Maybe thesecond ball, you’re going to play the first ball aiming at the hole, because always thesecond ball is a little bit easier.

    But if you play a game, spot versus hole orpin, within a short amount of time you’re going to start to see which one works betterfor you.

    That’s really what this video is aimed about, to get you thinking that maybethere’s a different way than just looking at the spot on the green.

    We’ve got instinct,we’ve got ability.

    Sometimes you need to trust that natural instinct.