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Short Game Lesson – How To Hit A Chip & Run


    How To Hit A Chip & Run

    In this clip today, we are going to talk abouthow to chip and run.

    This is the first in a series of short game and starting with themost simple shot.

    We are going to cover in the future, chipping and pitching also.

    Let’s start with the basic technique: This is a very simple shot and they are nottoo many key points to remember.

    Let’s start with the angle from the front.

    I am goingto place my feet in a round-about or a little narrower than the width of my shoulders, theball is going to be in the center of the stance.

    And here is the key point, I am going to putthe weight on my left foot by stoking my spine towards the target.

    From here my hands will be slightly in frontof the ball with the club shaft leaning left.

    From the other angle you are going to seemy aim, certainly my aim and the club face is where I want the ball to start and my feetknees, hips and shoulders will all be higher or slightly open to that.

    You will see I grip a little shorter on theclub, and I am coming closer to the ball than I would for a regular shot, more like a puttingaddress than it would be a regular address for a regular shot.

    In the actual swing itself,the key point is that I keep my weight on my left foot, by simply rotate to the rightand rotate to the left.

    Keeping the weight on the left foot, the right to shot.

    Let’s talk a little bit now about how to choosethe right club.

    Choosing the club: This is something I see people getting too concernedabout.

    I have chosen an eight iron for this shot, but if you choose a nine iron or a seveniron that’s fine.

    It will all have the same purpose, it will make the ball run more onthe ground than it’s going to carry.

    And that’s the key point for this shot.

    I am going to control my distance, and thisis simple as, I will increase and decrease the length of my swing depending on how farI want the ball to go.

    By increasing and decreasing the amount of rotation I have.

    So let’s sayfor a very short shot, a small rotation to the right, a small rotation to the left.

    Biggershot, bigger rotation.

    Bigger rotation.

    It will take a bit of practice to get a feelingfor the distance, but if you stick with these principles, this feeling for distance willcome to you very quickly.

    Lastly, you can see that ball broke a littleto the right, you will need to read the green the same as you would with the putt.

    ok, so remember these key points for the chip and run shot, it is very simple and it will save you a lot of shots if you play it correctly.