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Power Driving

    Conquer Driving
    Driving is one of the most important aspects you need to conquer when golfing.  You need to be able to have a power drive to hit the ball straight and with distance.

    Many people have a hard time hitting the ball a long distance and find this is where they find they add extra strokes onto their play.  If you could just hit the golf ball a little further then you would have a better game.  There are many ways you can focus on your drive to make your game more successful and enjoyable.

    Managing your drive is very important.  You need to focus on your strengths right off of the tee.  This will help you be a better player.  If you know how you normally hit the ball you can try changing your drive to make use of it.

    For example, if you find that you most often hit the ball and the ball flight usually curves to the left then you might want to stand near the right side of the tee.  This can help make up for  a left curve.

    There are two things that must be considered when you want to hit the ball long.  These things include making solid contact with the golf ball and an increased club head speed.

    If you can obtain the ability to swing the club consistently on the same swing plane while maintaining control of the clubface you will be able to make solid contact.  Snapping your hips through the ball as you make contact will also help with increasing the speed.

    The best way to hit with an ascending blow is to tee the ball well forward in your stance.  Never allow roll.  Your wrist should not break down in the takeaway and your arms need to be fully extended.  This will create a wide arc for your club to travel.

    Your shoulders should be turning around your body.  Never place too much weight at the front of your body. Be sure to shift your weight properly as you swing.

    The wrong hip rotation can cause you to lose power in your swing.  Most golfers slide their hips laterally rather than rotate them counterclockwise.

    When doing a lateral slide it will create a problem that can cause a slice or a hook which will result in a lack of power.  You can also hurt your back.

    Proper movement of the hips is essential to the power of your stroke.  When the hips are more open than the shoulders as the club is delivered into the ball is the best way to store power and deliver it directly into the impact.

    In addition, when the hips are cleared it will help maintain the proper spine angle through impact.  This will promote the right weight shift for solid contact.

    A good drive requires power and total control.  When trying to achieve power and control you need to properly release the club through impact.  You also need a strong left to right ball flight.  The proper way to do this is to move your arms and club left following impact.

    If you are trying to achieve a shot that is lower moving left to right you want to move your hands to the left immediately after impact.  Keep the shaft angled.  Your forearms will not rotate upon impact and the clubface will remain slightly opened.

    If you want to achieve a right to left ball flight you want to allow the club head to pas your hands following impact of the golf ball.  This will allow for an inside attack.  You want to achieve transferring more energy to the ball than you normally do which will help you get a higher right to left stroke.

    Setup is essential to giving your drive more power.  You must setup your swing properly.  You should use a wood or a driving iron to properly setup for your drive because of the length of the clubs.  Using a longer club will give you two advantages.

    You will be able to increase the distance of your stance away from the ball and this will also allow you to spread your feet wider.  This will allow you to balance your weight as you transfer it in your swing.  This way you ca get a short but wider swing which will allow for total control and power which will all have the proper proportions.

    The sequence of motion is very important to understand in your setup and your swing.  The sequence should be in order from setting up, swinging, and driving as you use the proper weight transfer.

    This is very hard for amateur golfers but it is important to maintain the sequence.  Developing your game on this sequence can help with a more powerful stroke.

    Your power needs to build up entirely and then be released entirely upon impact.  Building power begins in the swing.  Always release your power when you make impact with the ball.  The swing needs to remain short.
    You will have less control over your stroke the longer your swing is.  Many beginners think that if you have to swing long to hit far.  A short and wide swing will provide the most power and control over your stroke.

    Maintaining balance is very important.  To accomplish this you must swing within yourself.  As you swing be sure you do not swing too far back or forward.  Be sure to remain within yourself so you are in control.  This will help you evenly distribute your weight from heel to toe.

    You must be sure to maintain good posture, keep your spine aligned straight and your chin should be upright.  These things will help you avoid injury and knock the ball down the fairway with power.

    Remember when you drive the ball you don’t ever need to swing as hard as you can as if you are playing baseball.  You might have the same type of swing but be swinging in a different swing plane.  However you do not need big muscles to make the golf ball go a long distance.

    Many very good golfers are very thin and they have the ability to hit at very long distances.  It is all about leverage.  Once you master the leverage in your swing you will be able to add the distance to your shots also.

    Focus on the angle you create between the club and your left hand.  This angle needs to be held as long as you can.  If you force yourself to hold this angle it may result in a poor swing.  Some golfers like to think of the club as a whip.

    One of the best ways to create the leverage is to begin the downswing with a shift of your hips in the direction of the target.  This will help build the power you are storing so you can release it in the impact of the ball.

    You also need to be sure to swing within your limits and nothing more.  When you swing as hard as you can it is silly.  Focus on your swing and be sure to swing as free as you can with control.

    If you find that it is common for you to lose balance in your swing then you are most likely swinging too hard.

    When you swing the golf club comfortably rather than stretching or swinging too hard you will be able to achieve more distance by launching the ball with the right spin and trajectory.  This is the best way for you to hit the ball as far as you can and straight.

    Your focus should be on accuracy and after time your distance will improve also.

    When you are on the golf course you cannot be out there practicing.  Meaning, don’t focus on the mechanics.  You should have practiced the mechanics enough to be able to trust your swing now.

    If you can trust your swing you will be able to swing better and hit the ball with a more solid strike.  Launching the ball with good spin and trajectory happens when you trust your swing.

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