How To Swing A Golf Club

Golfing can be an expensive past time, especially if you have to take golf lessons to boot. Taking golf lessons gives you the ability to have someone guide you and spot critical mistakes in how to swing a golf club. There is another alternative to … [Continue reading]

Golf Swing Backswing

21 Yards in 21 Days Golf Swing Backswing Longer drives in just fifteen minutes... That mean you can add five to ten yards in fifteen minutes. No... that's entirely possible and realistic for most golfers. And there's a couple of ways you can do … [Continue reading]

Golf Fitness Exercises To Help Your Short Game

The connection between golf fitness exercises and the short game often times goes unnoticed. It is usually thought golf fitness exercises help us generate more club head speed, add more distance to our drives, hit longer iron shots, and play more … [Continue reading]

Carnoustie Championship Course

The British Open, the oldest golf championship in the world and in 1860 is when the first British Open all started. The Claret Jug, golfs most coveted and oldest trophy, and at Carnoustie in July the worlds leading golfers will be there to compete … [Continue reading]

Pro Putting Tip

It's golf tip review with a simple tip that could transform your putting game for the better. This tip is from Jeff Richmond who is the creator of the 5 Minutes To GREAT Putting program that you can see here. So I'll leave you with … [Continue reading]

Great Golfers Impact Secrets

Look at these Tour Pro Impact Secrets... Notice how no two players on Tour swing exactly the same. Each great golfer has something in their swing and setup that makes them unique. BUT.... When you see still pictures from great golfers at impact, … [Continue reading]

Ben Hogan Golf Clubs Synonymous With Quality

Ben Hogan The name Ben Hogan stands for quality, therefore, his Ben Hogan Golf Clubs must mean exceptional quality too. Ben Hogan Golf Clubs made their mark in the golfing world in 1953. Only the finest clubs, balls and golf equipment have been … [Continue reading]

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