Golf Swing Draw Miami

  4 Reasons Why You Slice The Ball If you often hit a slice there will be 4 reasons why you do this. The first reason will be because you setup to slice the ball. Most probably you have a weak grip, you have the ball positioned too far … [Continue reading]

Play Better Golf Today Using Self-Hypnosis – Control Your Mind, Control Your Game

What would your golf score be if you could hit golf balls like you hit dandelions? Pretty good? What would you say if we promised you that score? Unbelievable? Incredible as it may seem, this is exactly what we promise. If you are willing to keep … [Continue reading]

Golf Tips Irons

In this article we are going to look at 5 golf tips for a beginner which will help you get to grips with playing golf and help you learn to play golf better. In these 5 Golf tips for a beginner we will look some simple but often forgotten truths … [Continue reading]

Golf Tips For Beginners

How you set up, as I have often said in my golf tips, often dictates the success of the shot. This article will suggest some natural golf tips. And sinking more putts, as my golf tips emphasize, produces a lower golf handicap. see … [Continue reading]

Golf Lessons – Stop hitting the ground before the ball

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper - Many players have trouble making solid contact with their fairway shots. Too often the club will contact the ground before it contacts the golf ball compromising shot distance and flight control. In this video I … [Continue reading]

Golf Training For Juniors

If you’re like most junior golfers, your goals include playing and winning in local tournaments, in AJGA, IJGT or other junior tour events, getting a college scholarship, and may even dream of one day playing on the professional tours. In order … [Continue reading]

Golf cart batteries – Golf Cart Batteries Maintenance

"I own my own book and refer to it often. It's an eBook that you can download and refer to instantly." This fully detailed Guide will show you how you can save money by obtaining the maximum benefit on your golf cart battery investment! … [Continue reading]