A Tool to Create More Backspin

You've just hit the perfect pitch shot into the green; it's all over the flag and your fellow golfing mates are already congratulating you on your efforts. As you watch the ball land, you see the ball bound past the pin, over the green and into the … [Continue reading]

What Height Do I Tee the Ball?

You're quite new to the game of golf; you pull out the driver on the first tee along with a golf ball and tee. You begin to push the tee into the ground before stopping and asking yourself, 'what height do I tee the ball?' It's a pretty basic … [Continue reading]

The Power of Attention

Have you ever hit a perfect shot? Can you recall what you were thinking? Whenever I pose these questions during a seminar, very few of the participants can recall the actual thought process prior to the shot. Most of them, however, can describe … [Continue reading]

The Difference Between a Hacker and Scratch Golfer Is Patience and Persistence

The Difference Between a Hacker and Scratch Golfer Is Patience and Persistence As stated in the title, one major difference between a hacker, (high handicap) and a scratch golfer, (low handicap) is patience and persistence. They remain … [Continue reading]

Golf Irons and Golf Putters

First of all you should know that when term iron is used in concerning the golf it means the metal blade (or head) attached to the golf stick. Selecting the right golf irons is considered as the basic step towards improvement of game. These … [Continue reading]

Golf Tip – Part 3 – The Secret To Green Reading With Andy Gorman

In Part 3 of my in-depth look into Putting with Guru Andy Gorman we look at how you should approach reading greens. These videos are longer than the normal tips due to the extensive approach I wanted to take with this series. I hope you … [Continue reading]