Feet In Golf Swing: 2/6 Golfer!

Hey, welcome to the video on the foot position, OK. Nowguys I really want you to internalize our silent our feet are because when I give golflessons or when I have people send me their swings, one of the main things is there'stoo much motion in … [Continue reading]

The Healthy Golf Swing: BALANCE

  Hi, my name is Aaron Andrus the gold fitness specialist here at great moves physical therapy. Today we are going on with our next video in the healthy golf swing series Today we will be talking about balance. I don't really draw out … [Continue reading]

Increase Your Distance With Tips For Senior Golf Players

Just because you play senior golf does mean you lose that distance. If you have been playing regularly, you may have already adjusted your fitness and your clubs and other equipment. If you continue to play, you always make adjustment for age. You … [Continue reading]

How NOT To Slice Golf Ball

Are you tired of right sided fear and slicing the golf ball and sick of solutions that don’t work? Then keep reading… In this Golf Presentation Package You will Understand how to Visualize the Golf Ball at Target even before address to Eliminate … [Continue reading]

Rory McIlroy’s Coach Teaches You

"I have worked with Michael Bannon for many years. He is without doubt the best swing coach in the world." In a few short weeks, after following Michael’s adviceyou’ll feel like you are truly controlling your shots. Knowing exactly why you’re … [Continue reading]

Golf Swing Problem And How To Fix It

  Having a golf swing problem and not being able to correct it is the norm these days. Millions of golfers every year walk off the course in frustration. They all have a golf swing problem and have tried to fix it the “traditional … [Continue reading]

Golf Chipping Techniques

What are the seven magic keys to unlocking your golf potential? That question can’t be answered. You could spend a round of 18 just debating it. There are not seven specific tips, hints or secrets that are going to make you compete with Phil … [Continue reading]

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