Ole Miss Men’s Golf: Rebel Golf Tips – High Medium and Low Chipping

- Welcome back to Rebel Golf Tips. I'm Coach Malloy and I'm joinedhere by Jonathan Randolph, former Rebel great All-Americanand now on the PGA Tour. I've asked Jonathan tojoin us and share with us some of the differentdrills that he likes to do … [Continue reading]

Chipping Drill – Hit Your Landing Spot

Hi, Robin here with a good drill for whenyou're practicing on the short game area, especially for people who are called spotchippers, people who are picking a spot, they want to land the ball on when they're chipping. So what we're going to do is, … [Continue reading]

Short Game Lesson – How To Hit A Chip & Run

  In this clip today, we are going to talk abouthow to chip and run. This is the first in a series of short game and starting with themost simple shot. We are going to cover in the future, chipping and pitching also. Let's start … [Continue reading]

Picking the Right Golf Club Shaft

Golf Club Shaft   Picking the Right Golf Club Shaft If you are picking out some new golf clubs for your personal enjoyment, one of the biggest factors will be picking the right shaft. The shaft of a golf club is the metal that connects the … [Continue reading]

Golf Swing Forward Bend – The Concept

Hi Robin here. Recently I did a video aboutside bend explaining that your body will bend sidewards to the left in the back swing. Andsidewards to the right in the down swing. And how this sideward bend in the down swingis a really crucial … [Continue reading]

Golf Swing – Left Knee Movement is a Key

Hi, Robin here. I want to talk a little bitabout the way your left leg, particularly your left knee and your left foot works duringthe backswing. In recent years you've seen a lot of players, and instruction focusingon really restricting the … [Continue reading]

Head Rotation in a Golf Swing

Hi, Robin here. One of the most common faultsI see everyday is players trying to overly restrict their head during the golf swing. Now this is not a good idea. And to try to prove that to you, I first of all want youto do a very simple … [Continue reading]