Solving the Golf Slice

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Golf Slice For many new players among one of the most aggravating aspects of golf is the golf slice. For most who have had played baseball or other types of racket sports, the slice is more profound. The golf swing does not come as naturally and … [Continue reading]

How To Prepare For A Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament Preparing for a golf tournament, as golf instruction explains, is one of the keys to playing your best golf. Create a pre-tournament regimen that prepares you for the day ahead if you play in golf competitions. One challenge when … [Continue reading]

How to Practice Your Golf Swing

Golf Swing

Practice Your Golf Swing In a regular day of teaching golf swing, I walk back and also forth to the array countless times. On this trip, I normally enjoy the different variants people have when they swing the golf club. Some of the swings are quite … [Continue reading]

Golf And The Art Of Concentration

Golf And The Art Of Concentration

The Art Of Concentration Concentration is the root of human performance. It is much more than the ability of not being distracted or even visualizing the shot. Granted, hardly any of the authors of ANY golf training book have comprehensive training … [Continue reading]

Hybrid Golf Club


Hybrid The hybrid golf club is also described as a utility club as well as is a fairly current enhancement to the selection of golf clubs golf players can pick from. Because they are made to be simpler to strike for recreational golfers, they are … [Continue reading]

Your Golf Swing

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Your Golf Swing It’s often said that you shouldn’t have any tension in your swing. This isn’t true. You need tension, the thing you don't need is a strength. There’s a big difference between the two, and if you can’t distinguish between them, it may … [Continue reading]

Men’s And Women’s Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs

The Differences Between Men's And Women's Golf Clubs You Need to Know As you get ready to tee off a wonderful session of golf, take a closer look at your clubs. Have you chosen the right one? It is not only a decision about the woods, irons, wedges, … [Continue reading]

Making The Right Golf Community Decision

Golf Community

Golf Community For golf enthusiasts, choosing to purchase a house in a golf links community might appear as easy as swinging the club on a great springtime early morning. Over 2700 golf course areas have actually been constructed across the USA, … [Continue reading]

Golf Short Game

Golf Short Game

Tips For Lower Scoring Many golfers spend far too much time working on their long game thinking this is the key to getting better. Learning to spend more time on the short game is key to getting a lower handicap as quickly as possible. This part of … [Continue reading]