Sport Science Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore segment from Sport Science on FSN … [Continue reading]

How to swing a golf club like Tiger Woods

Visit: for 1000's more How-To videos! Perform the Perfect Golf Swing. If you want to know how to carry out a golf swing or are looking for ways to improve your golfing performance - this is for you. This film will prevent … [Continue reading]

Here’s A Golf Training Tip To Boost Your Drives

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Swing Smoothly

When I get a golf club in my hand, I get that feeling of wanting to knock the cover off the ball. It feels good to put all of my strength into hitting the ball. Just hitting the ball as hard as I can does not mean that I play good golf though. If … [Continue reading]

The Single Digit Blueprint

One season can change your score forever... everything you need to build trust, consistency, and confidence. Practice Outlines, Lessons, Drills, Accountability and Community, Challenges, Golf Fitness Programs, LIVE Events and more... … [Continue reading]

Effective golf now

Frustrated, But Aspiring Golfers…Tired of Pointless Practice Sessions that Result in No Improvements Whatsoever? Start Seeing Immediate and Noticeable Improvements in Your Swing Every time You Practice! Put an End to the Disappointment Once and For … [Continue reading]