The Difference Between a Hacker and Scratch Golfer Is Patience and Persistence

The Difference Between a Hacker and Scratch Golfer Is Patience and Persistence As stated in the title, one major difference between a hacker, (high handicap) and a scratch golfer, (low handicap) is patience and persistence. They remain … [Continue reading]

Golf Irons and Golf Putters

First of all you should know that when term iron is used in concerning the golf it means the metal blade (or head) attached to the golf stick. Selecting the right golf irons is considered as the basic step towards improvement of game. These … [Continue reading]

Golf Tip – Part 3 – The Secret To Green Reading With Andy Gorman

In Part 3 of my in-depth look into Putting with Guru Andy Gorman we look at how you should approach reading greens. These videos are longer than the normal tips due to the extensive approach I wanted to take with this series. I hope you … [Continue reading]

The King of the Golf Swing

How do I hit my drives further? Why does my back hurt after playing a round of golf? Why am I so inconsistent with my golf swing? Companies have spent billions of dollars on research and development trying to answer these questions, sending … [Continue reading]

Learning to Play Golf Better and Shoot Lower Scores

The game is definitely a challenge to play golf and learn. There are many factors that contribute to lower scores and one of the key elements is learning how to manage the course effectively. The best golfers know their strengths and understand … [Continue reading]

Benefits of Joining Private Golf Clubs

Boost Your Social Life and Game Private golf clubs have great benefits for casual and serious fans of the sport. Members can attest to the beautifully curated courses and accessibility. Often close to home, private golf clubs offer vacations a … [Continue reading]