Practice Golf Properly

Practicing your golf game properly is vital to improving. Knowing how to practice increases self-confidence, reduces scores, and lowers golf handicaps. It also increases the fun of playing as you see your scores drop on each round. I consider it so … [Continue reading]

Are Callaway Clubs The Best Choice For You

No matter how long you have been golfing, it is likely that you have heard of the Callaway brand of golf clubs and accessories. They are one of the top suppliers for the entire golf industry. If you are in the market for new golf clubs, you will … [Continue reading]

2 Basic Steps to Improving Your Golf Swing

The game of golf is truly an individual sport. The basics are the same for everyone; however, due to the differences in people’s body types no two people will ever have the same golf swing. Each person will have to adapt their bodies to perform a … [Continue reading]

Celebrities Get Hooked On Golf

If you've never played golf, perhaps you'll never understand the attraction. But if you're like many celebrities--whether they've been playing for years or just recently began to tee it up--you'll agree that the game has an unusual appeal that can … [Continue reading]

Golf Resistance Training

Being a good golfer requires a good level of fitness. Remember, there are 18 long holes you have to play! Thats a lot of walking, and swinging and carrying of your bags. If you really want to improve your score, enjoy the game more and in general … [Continue reading]

How To Get Rid Of Tension In Your Golf Swing

I think we have all been there. You are staring down a long par 4 from the tee box. The fairway is lined with trees on both sides. The landing area is “tight” and hitting 3 wood or iron is not an option, the hole is too long. You pull out driver and … [Continue reading]

Golf Terminology

In golf there are many terms used to describe the number of strokes a player takes to sink a ball. Being familiar with this terminology will aid you in being better prepared in understanding the game of golf. 1. Birdie: Describes the situation in … [Continue reading]

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