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Home ยป Ole Miss Men’s Golf: Rebel Golf Tips – High Medium and Low Chipping

Ole Miss Men’s Golf: Rebel Golf Tips – High Medium and Low Chipping

    Rebel Golf Tips

    – Welcome back to Rebel Golf Tips.

    I’m Coach Malloy and I’m joinedhere by Jonathan Randolph, former Rebel great All-Americanand now on the PGA Tour.

    I’ve asked Jonathan tojoin us and share with us some of the differentdrills that he likes to do while he’s out practicingand while he’s on the road playing professional events, Jonathan? – Absolutely.

    One thingthat you have to have sharp is your short game.

    When you’re on the road as many weeks as I am playing every day, you don’t want to get lulledinto doing the same thing.

    One of the biggestproblems that I ran into and most golfers run into is monotonous chipping to the same hole,hitting the same shot, you’re not getting any better doing that.

    So I like to switch itup so instead of hitting just the one pin or justthe same shot every time, I make myself find differentlies and different stuff to make it difficult andI make myself hit a low, a medium and a high shot soI’m not hitting the same shot every time and it variesthe practice a little bit, keeps me more interestedand it’s gonna help me on the course ’causeyou’re not gonna always need the same shot.

    So basically what I dois like for this one, I’ll go to the red flagand for the low shot, I set up a little bit differently and I’m just visualizinga lower trajectory, a ball coming out and Iknow why I’m doing this, and just executing theseshots over and over just gives me more and more confidence that I know when I need to pull ’em out, I can do this under pressure.

    So the medium shot a littlebit different set up.

    A little different trajectory, a little different landing spot but all of these are comingout like I want them to so I know I’m doing everything right, especially off of this lie.

    So this is the high one,a little bit different.

    So there you go, now I knowthat I need to walk around and do more work on these tightlies hitting the high soft shot ’cause I had the othertwo down pretty good but, yeah, that’s a great tip and it’s an easy way not to be bored out therepracticing your chipping.