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Learning to Play Golf Better and Shoot Lower Scores


    The game is definitely a challenge to play golf and learn.

    There are many factors that contribute to lower scores and one of the key elements is learning how to manage the course effectively.

    The best golfers know their strengths and understand when to be aggressive and when they need to be conservative.

    The key is to use high percentage shots that you are confident you can execute.

    Do not try to copy what the pros would do as they have much higher skill levels and they are able to execute tough shots with consistency that the average weekend player would struggle to execute.

    Mental game tactics:

    One key mental game tip to keep in mind is to develop the ability to have a selective memory.

    You need to learn to quickly forget the bad shots, learn whatever you can from them and be confident that the next shot will go exactly where you want it to go.

    It is also important to learn to use a conservative strategy on the course and not try shots that are well beyond your normal abilities.

    If you find yourself doubting the shot when you step up to the ball then you are most likely being too aggressive and need to pick either more conservative targets or a shorter club if you are on tee to maximize your chances of keeping the ball in play.

    Learning to clear the mind is another key mental game tip that will help to lower your scores.

    This is particularly important as you are about to strike the ball as at that moment you want to focus exclusively on the target and avoid any swing thoughts to maximize the chances of success.

    The time to think of mechanics is when you are behind the ball, this is when you can do shot visualizations and remind yourself of any key swing mechanics.

    If you find yourself having a difficult time with keeping the mind quiet on the course during the shot then consider learning about meditation as it should help you learn to control your thoughts better.

    One easy exercise you can do is to look at the tip of a pencil or pen and try to only think of the tip blocking all other thoughts for 30 seconds.

    Use some of these tips next time you are on the course to help you reduce your handicap and enjoy the game more.

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