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Learn to Keep a Steady Head Golf Swing

    Steady Head Golf Swing

    Steady Head Golf Swing

    Learn to keep a steady head golf swing in 30 days or less with a simple and daily 5-minute exercise

    A recent study by the National Golf Foundation (NGF) shows that once a golfer has been playing the game for three years or more, certain swing habits, both good and bad, are embedded in the golfer’s swing.

    Steady Head Golf SwingIt seems that muscle memory or motor learning enables the golfer (or any athlete) to consistently repeat the learned movement, whether that movement is the desired movement or not.

    This movement becomes an unconscious movement, a habit. And we all know how a habit is difficult to break.

    Some physiologists say that thousands of repetitions of the new and desired movement or desired habit are necessary to break the undesired habit.

    My personal experience and research suggest that the number of repetitions varies with each individual, and depends on the individual’s flexibility and athleticism.

    None the less, the undesired habit cannot be changed or eliminated without repetition of the desired habit.

    Other studies by the NGF and the Titleist Performance Institute show that faulty head movement is the primary fault of the 80% of the golfers out there who do NOT break 100.

    So how does the high handicap golfer learn to get a steady head? Repetition of a steady head during practice swinging, without hitting balls, until the new movement becomes unconscious, is the answer.

    Now the questions become:

    1. how does one know she or he is maintaining a steady head for most of the golf swing?
    2. how can one gain the repetitions to develop this desired steady head muscle memory or new habit without spending hours at the practice range?

    One answer is for the golfer to set up a camera to take a video of her/his swing to see if there is any faulty head movement during the swing.

    desired habitThe golfer will see the swing and the fault and get a mental picture of the bad movement as well as the good movement when the golfer maintains a steady head.

    This procedure, however, is not too practical. Hours of video are needed and the golfer is dependent on the mental picture of the steady head.

    Physiologists also tell us that tactile feedback of the desired swing may be the best way to develop the new habit.

    So here is the exercise.

    a. Stand in front of a wall and facing the wall, about 12 inches away.
    Distance may vary depending on your height. Imagine you are about to take your normal swing with a club.

    b. Bend at your waist and lean forward until the front of your head touches the wall.

    c. Let your arms hang down and place your hands together as if you were holding your driver.

    d. You should be simulating your normal stance and posture for hitting a ball with your driver.

    e. By holding your head steady and with slight pressure against the wall, take your full backswing with your arms while maintaining the pressure with your head against the wall.

    repetitionf. Now take your downswing while keeping your head against the wall until well after the imaginary impact zone. The longer you can keep your head against the wall the better. Your right shoulder will eventually push your head away from the wall.

    g. If your head moves at all during the simulated backswing, you will get immediate tactile feedback. You will FEEL your head moving.

    h. Similarly with the downswing. You will get that instant tactile feedback if and when your head moves.

    Perform this exercise for five to ten minutes daily. Each day you will find it easier to keep that slight pressure with your head against the wall.

    In 30 days or less, you will have the FEEL of a steady head and you will see your scores go lower. There is no doubt and there is sufficient evidence to show that this exercise will work. Granted, however, it is not easy.

    Steady Head Golf Swing

    Allow me now to offer an easier way to perform the exercise.

    There is a training aid available called the PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer. It is available in a free-standing model and a wall-mount model. The free-standing model can easily be moved from one location to another, even to your driving range.

    It has a height adjuster enabling it to be set to your exact posture and stance. A foam cylinder is attached to the end of an arm which enables the golfer to comfortably rest her of his head on the foam and take full swings with a driver or any club.

    Steady Head Golf SwingYou can easily perform your daily exercises and when ready, you can hit real balls.

    The wall mount unit also allows the golfer to swing with a driver and even hit real balls.

    Such of course would not be feasible if mounted in your bedroom. But it could be mounted on a tree or the side of your garage.
    Bottom line:

    Exercise and repeat your swing as often as possible until you gain that steady head and your steady head is an unconscious habit of your consistent golf swing. You can do this in your bedroom without hitting balls.

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