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It’s Not All About Being a Long Hitter!

    Too many golfers want to hit the ball 300+ yards every time straight down the middle of the fairway. Stop stressing about how far you hit the ball and use these pointers below to get the most out of your game and start beating the long hitter every time.

    1: Ignore their distance. There is nothing much simpler you can do than to completely ignore the fact they hit the ball much further past you. What difference does it truly make whether you are hitting a 6 iron or a 9 iron into the green? We don’t draw pictures on our scorecard.
    Golf is all about getting the ball in the hole within the fewest strokes possible; not how far you hit the ball.

    2: Hit more greens. If you are playing a match against a long hitter then you will need to apply as much pressure as possible throughout the round. As you will most likely be hitting first, really pile that pressure on by hitting the green; giving you birdie putts more often. You’ll be amazed how some big hitters tire of this, mentally drain and the match is yours for the taking.

    3: Perfect your short game. 100 yards inwards is where birdies and great golfers are truly made. Imagine you could get up and down from every situation, for every hole, for the rest of your golfing career… you wouldn’t care about driving the ball 300 yards then. Perfect your short game and you will be able to compete with any golfer in this world.

    4: Keep it in the fairway. Most often the longer hitter is not the most accurate hitter at your golf club. So by consistently splitting the fairway you will keep pressure on; you may even cause him to bottle under pressure if he finds the trees a couple of times. If this means taking an iron off the tee to keep it in play, then do so. The pros of keeping it in the fairway will soon outweigh the loss of distance.

    Long hitters of the ball just love simply hitting it long, so let them do it. Accept that you can’t drive the ball as far as them and concentrate your efforts on the above points and you’ll win more often.

    These points don’t just have to apply against long hitters either – You can use them in your own game even when you are the longest hitter and you will vastly improve.

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