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Improve Your Golf Swing With Two Basic Steps

    Improve Your Golf Swing

    Improve Your Golf Swing

    Do you drastically need to improve your golf swing? Are you a beginner who is struggling to play better and simply gets frustrated each round? Well here are some simple tips that you can use to build a better golf swing today.

    Improve Your Golf SwingNo matter whether you are a top tour player or an amateur club golfer just starting; the fundamentals of golf are the same for everyone.

    However, no two people will ever have the same swing because of the differences in one body to the next. This makes golf truly an individual sport.

    If you want to improve your game and release the most enjoyment out of your round then you must practice the fundamentals until they become second nature to your body.

    This will lead to great confidence on the course, which further leads to the most enjoyment.
    You’ll need to adapt your own body to perform a proper golf swing in your way.

    1: One of the most basic steps that’ll bring an immediate improvement to your golf swing is to keep your head down and eye on the ball.

    When I say this I am talking about maintaining your posture. It’s not always the head that lifts but the whole body. You need to, ‘stay down through the shot’.

    There are many drills you can perform you keep your body from coming up throughout the golf swing, try this one and see if it helps:

    golf swingApproach the ball.

    Take a normal backswing and hold at the top.

    Now on your downswing push your hips back. This will keep the head down.

    By doing this, you will begin to enable muscle memory to ‘remember’ the correct position that you should be in to perform the correct movement. However, do not be too drastic as we don’t want your head to dip forward thus not maintaining posture.

    2: This second tip is very basic and can work wonders to greatly improving your golf swing. Relax. I know that might sound simple and trust me; it’s easier said than done.

    We have all been there; finishing work and rushing to the first tee with your workmates, bragging about how far you can hit the golf ball.

    You pull the driver out on the first hole and take a huge swing like John Daly or Happy Gilmore and try to hit the dimples off the ball. Causing you to tense up and horrendously hit the ball… some of you probably even miss the ball completely.

    However, by relaxing those muscles you will help to maintain a proper balance throughout that is hugely important in a world-class golf swing.

    It doesn’t matter which golf club you are using, your balance is the main foundation of your swing. How to achieve great balance? Practice; A simple technique is to address the ball with your club, relax, (of course) and hold that position for about 20 seconds.

    backswingDo you feel that one part of your body is tenser than another? Maybe you feel as though you have more weight on one foot compared to the other?

    Now take some slow practice swings and feel which way your weight is moving towards. For example; you might feel that you are moving forward on to your toes; your body will try to compensate in any way possible to get the clubhead to the ball.

    The two basic tips above are very basic and both can lead to building a great golf swing. The exercises given above are also just two ways that you can improve these areas. Work on both and you’ll soon start to reap the benefits of a better golf swing.

    The more effect spent improving your golf swing really will pay off in the future. Think of it as an investment.

    Through practice and patience, you will be able to effortlessly slip into the proper address position and perform a world-class golf swing.

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