How to Play Golf – Hitting a 3 Wood off the Fairway

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Hitting a 3 Wood

3 wood shot off the fairway, quite a difficult skill to learn.

You need to make sure that your set up is different and that you’re hitting the ball in a different way.

When you hit a 3 wood or driver off the tee you’re looking to sweep the ball off the tee.

Now that the ball is on the ground, if we tried to sweep it, all that would happen is we’d hit the ball on the up too much and top the ball or hit the ground before.

If I change my setup by moving the ball slightly further back in my stance, a bit more in the middle.

that’s going to encourage a bit more of a descending blow on the ball.

It’s going to hit ball, then turf and get it in the air.

So let’s give that a go.

Ball position a little more central, I’m going to transfer weight onto my left.

and off it goes towards the target.

Give it a go.