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How To Make Sure You Buy The Correct Fairway Woods For Your Golf Swing

    Correct Fairway Woods

    Fairway woods are a great option off the teeif your driver’s not working or off the fairway to reach those difficult to reach par 5’s.

    When your driver’s not working it’s great to be able to reach for a fairway wood.

    Fairway woods tend to have shorter shafts and higher lofts.

    They don’t go as far asdrivers but are defiantly more accurate.

    As the name suggests fairway woods are primarilyof use off the fairway.

    They hit the ball further than irons and help you to reach thosedifficult to reach par 5’s in 2.

    On the sole of a fairway wood you’ll find a loftor a number or both.

    Just like irons a lower loft or a lower number means they hit theball further.

    3 woods tend to be around 15 degrees, 5 woods tend to be in the regionof 19 degrees.

    Modern fairway woods are getting more and more like drivers.

    They tend to havelarger club heads, bigger faces with the weight placed low and deep in the club head.

    Thishelps beginners and improvers get the ball airborne.

    However there are some fairway woodswith smaller heads which better players prefer.

    These favor maneuverability over forgiveness.

    The majority of fairway woods come with steel heads because weight saving is not so muchof an issue in fairway woods.

    However as fairway woods tend to become more and more like driverswith bigger heads they are producing titanium offerings.

    Titanium is lighter than steeland tends to hit the ball further but they are a tiny bit more expensive.

    Fairway woodshafts are shorter than drivers which makes them more accurate.

    However when choosingyour fairway wood shaft it’s great to match it with your driver to ensure a consistentball flight and shape.

    Manufacturers produce a family of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids.

    It’s a great idea to build a family of clubs just like this to ensure consistency of ballflight and accuracy across your long game.

    There’s an ongoing debate as to whetherto have a fairway wood or hybrid in your bag.

    But it’s ok to have both.

    Sometimes golfersreplace their 5 wood in favor of a hybrid, while keeping their 3 wood in the bag.

    Sothere you have it.

    Fairway woods, great off the tee and great to hit those difficult toreach par 5’s Thanks for watching the Golfbidder fairway woods buyer’s guide.