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How To Hold A Golf Club

    Tips For Golf Swing

    How To Hold a Golf Club and the Rules for Grip

    How to hold a golf club is the most important part of the golf swing. There are many different grips, but in this guide, we will focus on the basics and go over a few of the most common grips.

    Golf Swing Basics

    A grip is how you hold onto a golf club when you swing it. There are many different types of grips and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

    The grip that you choose will depend on your personal preference as well as what type of shot you want to make.

    How to Hold a Golf Club Properly

    How to hold the golf club is the grip. It determines how much power you will be able to generate, how easily you can control your shots, and how accurate they will be.

    Overlapping Grip

    The most popular is the overlapping grip, where the little finger of your left-hand overlaps with your index finger on your right hand.

    This grip should be used by beginners as it provides more stability than other grips and helps prevent slices.
    Interlocking Grip

    The interlocking grip is a popular way to hold the club, but it can be difficult for beginners who are not yet comfortable with their swing.

    It also requires more practice to perfect than other grips because it can be difficult to keep your hands in place without moving them around.

    The interlocking grip is useful for people who have trouble keeping their hands still while they swing, and it can provide stability when swinging on uneven terrain or rough surfaces.

    How To Hold A Golf Club

    Baseball Grip

    For many years, the grip was the go-to for power production. But as players became more skilled at generating their own power from other parts of their swing, the grip fell out of favor.

    The most common reason for using this grip is to generate more loft on a shot. This is because you are holding the club with your palm facing down and your fingers pointing up.

    This will allow you to hit shots that fly higher than if you were to use a traditional golf grip.

    How To Choose The Best Golf Grip For Your Game

    Choosing the best golf grip for your game is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider such as hand size, club length, and swing speed.

    Choosing the right golf grip can make all the difference in your game.

    For example, if you have a small hand size and you choose a grip that is too large for you, it will be difficult to control the club and make a good swing.

    Putting Grips

    The putting grip is the way that a golfer holds the golf club to putt the ball into the hole. It is also called a “putter grip”.

    Reverse Overlapping Grip

    The reverse overlap grip is an alternative to the traditional overlapping grip.

    It is a popular grip used by many golfers because it prevents the potential rolling of the hands, and keeps the grip more in each palm for increased stability.

    golf grip

    Cross Hand Grip

    The crosshanded grip is essentially the reverse style to the traditional golf grip. Which is why it is also sometimes referred to as the “reverse” or “mirror” grip.

    A golfer will use this type of grip if they are experiencing pain in their wrists, elbows, or shoulders. It can also be a solution for those who have difficulty with the traditional golf grip due to a disability.

    Split Hand Grip

    The close-up of a putter grip shows that the golfer is using a split-handed or hockey-style grip.

    This type of grip is used by people who have an injury to one hand and cannot use it to hold the putter. The longer the putter, the wider the grip needs to be in order to accommodate for this.

    The Claw Grip

    The claw grip is a variation of the split-handed grip style where your dominant hand is almost taken completely off of the club.

    The claw grip may also be used by people who have issues with carpal tunnel syndrome. Or other ailments that make it difficult to use a standard grip.

    Palm To Palm Grip

    Palm to palm grip is a common way to hold a golf club.

    This grip is primarily used by golfers with smaller hands or those who are left-handed.

    The palms of the hands are aligned and fingers overlap.

    The thumbs should be placed on top of the index fingers. The right thumb should be on the right index finger and the left thumb should be on the left index finger.

    The palms are aligned, and fingers overlap in this grip style. The thumbs should be placed on top of the index fingers, with one thumb to each side of both index fingers.


    Arm Lock Grip

    The arm lock putting grip is a very unconventional style, but it truly minimizes your ability to move your hands during the putting stroke.

    Find The Golf Grip That Fits Your Game

    Golf is a game of precision, accuracy, and consistency. The perfect swing will land the ball with accuracy, but without a good grip, the ball will go off course.


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