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How To Hit Bunker Shots

    Bunker Shots

    Bunker Shots

    Striking from bunker shots is uncomplicated once you find out the basics of stance as well as posture. The thought of hitting right into a green side sand trap unsettles several golf enthusiasts. Improving your method lowers the fear of bunker play and constructs self-confidence in your shot-making capacities.

    Bunker ShotsAssuming the texture of the sand is comparable, as well as the ball is not plugged.

    The method for striking out of a green side bunker continues to be the same for shots approximately 30 yards (27m).

    The key to making this shot, as I’ve described in my golf suggestions. Is striking the sand about 1 to 2 inches behind the ball. Tossing the sand forward with the ball.

    For longer shots, the only point that transforms is the swing’s length.

    Rhythm and also pace stay the very same.
    Below are 5 factors I cover in my golf lessons on bunker strategy. Once I’ve assessed exactly how a wedge functions and also the basics of position and posture. They’re the focus of my golf guideline.

    1. Move Arms Away together

    Having taken a somewhat open stance, resist the temptation to obtain also high early in the takeaway. The wrist must stay passive on the club takeaway.

    Attempt to synchronize the arm swing and body turn. Simply put, make the first component of the takeaway a one-piece. Make certain the clubhead adheres to the path away from the ball parallel to the line of your toes.

    2. Open and also rotate

    Turn your left arm and wrists as the swing continues as if you were checking out a wristwatch. It’s a visual I typically make use of in my golf guideline to help players keep in mind to make the move. It aids and opens up the clubface to optimize the bounce impact on the sand wedge at influence.

    Also, begin pivoting your wrists as the clubhead passes your right upper leg. Maintain your head still, turn the left shoulder under the chin, and also transform your back to the target.

    3. Turn to the Top

    As your body transforms, you need to feel as if your clubhead is directing toward the sky as well as your wrists are cocked. Maintain your head as well as body centered over the ball. Swing the club down on a slightly flatter plane, with great rhythm and also pace, as always. This is essential whenever you swing a club.

    Move Arms Away together4. Make the Right Contact

    Striking the appropriate effect point is critical when playing from the sand. In golf lessons, I inform trainees to envision the ball resting on top of a tee instead of the sand.

    After that focus on clipping the tee underneath the ball. Which just occurs to get in the swing’s way. Carried out effectively, this step will toss the ball out of the bunker. With simply the correct amount of sand.

    5. Create a Controlled Explosion

    As the club comes down in the downswing, you need to feel your hands drag left. Drawing them across the ball through impact. Ensure that your right-hand does not cross over the left and that you clear your left hip as the club comes through.

    If the position and also clubhead is open completely, the ball will fly straight, with a high trajectory.
    The method for longer bunker shots differs slightly.

    The follow-through is the key to longer bunker shots. Make use of a complete finish for long bunker shots, and also a short finish for much shorter bunker shots.

    Below are 2 workouts that I utilize in golf lessons to aid trainees to boost their bunker strategy:

    1. This exercise establishes exactly how the sand wedge needs to function. Stand in a practice bunker without a ball. Adopt your regular bunker stance and take numerous swings down into the sand.

    bunker stance The object is to get the feeling of the clubhead dragging through the sand, not digging right into it. After a few shots, try hitting a ball. Choose a place where you desire the ball to land and after that go all out.

    Repeat the exercise till you fit with the feel of the wedge sprinkling the sand.

    2. Focusing on a place where the clubhead hits can draw away interest from where it emerges, resulting in a fluffed shot. The “2 Lines” exercise aids remove the tendency to lose focus. Stand in a bunker as well as take your typical bunker position. Draw 2 lines in the sand regarding 6 to 7 inches apart.

    The lines represent the size of the sand you need to carve from under the ball. Line up several balls in between the two lines after that hit them. The clubhead must get in the sand where the initial line is and arise where the 2nd line is.

    Practicing these 2 workouts while keeping the 5 factors in mind will help construct a much better bunker method. As you become comfier with hitting out of a bunker. You will certainly raise your self-esteem. And that, as I typically inform my trainees. Results in much better play and also reduced golf handicaps.

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