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How to Hit a Fairway Wood

    fairway wood

    Fairway Wood

    If there’s one club in the bag that destroys amateur golfers it’s their fairway wood. Now the one thing I want to talk to you about is loft when it comes to fairway woods.

    Most of you have three kinds of wood in your bag and they come out like this low and flat all right well low and flat is fine if the conditions are conducive to you hitting shots at a run. But they also make other fairway woods and the great thing about these new fairway woods is you can adjust the loft.

    Fairway WoodI have a 3-wood right there and this is a strong five wood all right so now I have a shorter club with more loft. I make my swing it’s a lot easier for me to get this ball up in the air I have more confidence and it goes almost as far as my 3-wood. You have to pay attention if you’re hitting low flat fairway wood shots and you never get them in the air.

    I’ll guarantee you’re not going to get the ball to go as far if it runs on the ground because most of the time in today’s agronomy you don’t have those hard fast conditions. Now let’s go back to the 3-wood, let’s talk about how to hit that fairway wood so we’re going to pretend that you have the right fairway wood.

    The first thing I’m going to look at with a fairway wood after I assess the distance is I’m going to look at the lie because the lie is going to make it either easier or harder for me to hit this shot. I have two different lies the ball is perched up really high and I can see some of the golf balls above the crown of the 3-wood.

    The Second is sitting very low there’s a lot of the golf ball below the face of the 3-wood so obviously, this ball that’s perched up is going to be much easier to hit. The ball that’s sitting down is going to be much harder to hit so yes there are times when you have to hit this one with the 3-wood or the five wood.

    Remember your odds of hitting a good shot out of here are pretty slim to none usually what happens in this lie is you tend to hit it a little bit lower and flatter. Trying to hit the ball first and the ball tends to go low into the right so if the conditions are okay if you hit low into the right you can hit your fairway wood out of this low tight lie.

    If not you have a whole bag full of clubs that you can use to extract this ball out of this lie a little bit easier and get it around the green.

    golf swingNow when we have the normal lie with our fairway wood here’s what you want to do make these things a lot easier to hit. Swing your fairway woods like your wedge okay. I’m going to swing it like there’s going to have a lot of tempo not a lot of rushing and a lot of balance.

    When you hit your fairway wood we want to swing it like our wedge, we are trying to make sure as we come down we sweep this fairway wood off the ground. We’ve got to sweep it along the ground so the ball goes up in the air if we try to help the ball up in the air you’re going to top the golf ball.

    It’s going to roll on the ground or you’re going to the equator the golf ball and it’s going to come out low and flat. The same setup you normally use the ball a bit more forward, we’re going to sweep this ball off the ground and make our 3-wood swing like the wedge.

    Alright so if we let the club gather speed like that we’re going to hit good golf shots because we’re balanced. But if we get up here in the first move is good or you try to help it up in the air you’re going to have a lot of trouble with these fairway woods. A great little drill to hit fairway woods is to take a tee and put it out in front of the golf ball.

    smart golfI put it about a fist out in front of the golf ball there’s no magical position just a little bit out in front and my thought is to hit this ball and then sweep the tee off the ground with my fairway wood.

    Once again we’re going to swing it like our wedge and try to sweep the tee and when we do that gets us to stay down a little bit longer when we stay down a little bit longer the ball goes up in the air a little bit easier.

    That is the key to hitting fairway woods swinging it like your wedge and really making sure you stay down and you sweep this 3-wood as long as you can along the ground. If you’ll do that you’re going to be a much better fairway wood player you’re gonna have a lot more fun. Professional Swing Plane Click Here!

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