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How to Hit a Fairway Wood | My Golf Tutor | Golf Instruction

    How to Hit a Fairway Wood

    Are you having trouble hitting your threewood off the fairway? This is Sean McTernan and you’re watching another episode of MyGolf Tutor, the number one place on the internet for you to play your best golf now.

    Welcomeback, todays question comes from Claud and Claud wrote to us and asked, “hi Sean, I havebeen having a lot of trouble hitting my three wood, especially off the fairway.

    Do you haveany tips or suggestions that will help me become more consistent?” Claud, thanks verymuch for your question.

    I think a big part of becoming a good consistent three wood playeroff the fairway is how you setup to the golf ball.

    I have two alignment rods, this oneis going to be down my target line, this second one is going to be perpendicular to the alignmentrode on the ground and opposite of the golf ball.

    We are doing this because we want touse this to practice our ball position and keep it consistent every time we hit a threewood off the fairway.

    So, if I had a driver I would basically have my left foot touchingthis alignment rod and I would simply step in to address the ball.

    If I was using a seveniron, I would have my rod in the middle of my stance and the rod would be equal distancefrom each foot.

    With this three wood we are going to setup and have your left heal aninch from the alignment rod.

    We are going to have our weight fifty fifty.

    Because theball is up in our stance, there is going to be a slight little tilt in our spine.

    I certainlydon’t want to see you set up with it to straight.

    Because this will promote a really step angleof attack in a lot of cases I have seen.

    Another thing I want you to take a look at is justto make sure you are allowing the loft of the club to get the ball into the air.

    I don’twant to see you hanging back and trying to help the ball up.

    Because when we hang backthis leads to a lot of inconsistency and you won’t get that quality strike you are lookingfor.

    Like I said, weight fifty fifty and we are going setup with a slight tilt in ourspin.

    We do this because it is going to help us get a little shallower of an attack angle.

    There for we will be able to catch the ball as the club is leveling out.

    Those are someof things I want you to go to work on to help improve your consistency with this fairwaywood.

    If you or anyone else has a question about your golf game, please leave it in thecomment section below.

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