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Head Rotation in a Golf Swing

    Hi, Robin here.

    One of the most common faultsI see everyday is players trying to overly restrict their head during the golf swing.

    Now this is not a good idea.

    And to try to prove that to you, I first of all want youto do a very simple test.

    Taking a pen or chopstick I want you to place it in you mouth,standing up straight and just test how much you can you can turn your head to the rightand to the left.

    Now you can see with me I was able to rotate my head about 70 degrees,that’s quite normal.

    Now if you thing about that, if you can’t rotate you head 90 degreesbut you want to make a 90 degree or more shoulder turn on the swing, you will have to let yourhead rotate a little bit.

    Players who don’t let their head rotate, overly restrict thehead, cannot complete their shoulder turn so their swing will look quite short and restrictedor they have learned to compensate in some way.

    Perhaps, they are gonna lift and tilt, orthey are gonna collapse their left arm.

    None of these are good habits to have, these arecompensations which will have some effect later on in the swing.

    So if you want to beable to turn your shoulders freely in the swing you’ve got to let your head rotate alittle bit.

    If this is you, the fix is almost the same as the test.

    Place a pen or a chopstickin your mouth.

    Now in doing this what I want you to do is point the pen or the chopstickat the ball at address, keep it pointing at the ball early in the swing, and then allowthe pen or the chopstick to rotate slightly to the right as you finish the back swing.

    It should look something like this.

    Allow your head to free up, allow it to move a littlebit with the rotation of your shoulders.

    It’s an important aspect of a good swing.

    If youhave got one of these faults lifting, tilting, collapsing your left arm, or a very shortswing, I’m sure this is going to help you.