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Golfing In Maui

    Island of Hawaii
    Anyone who is planning a trip to Maui, Hawaii probably has a plan in mind for what they want to see and do on this magnificent island. There is history, beaches, mountains, biking, volcanoes and more all on the second largest island of Hawaii. There are water activities, land activities and even activities from the air. You can tour the island in a bi-plane, go whale watching or snorkeling in a coral reef and much more. However, one of the most favorite activities to see and do in Maui has always been golf.
    If you are a golf fan, you will absolutely love Maui. There are so many great places in Maui to enjoy golf. Maui is home to some of the best courses in Hawaii and even in the world. You have likely never seen courses as beautiful and amazing as those that you can find Maui, even if you are a seasoned golfer. If you want a great golf vacation getaway, then you are sure to love and enjoy the many options that Maui has for you. It is literally a golf lover’s paradise.
    Before you pack up your bags and set off to Maui, you might be wondering what exactly this island has to offer and where you will stay and play. There are many different resorts all over the island of Maui that offer you the finest in accommodations as well as some fantastic golf courses and package deals. In fact, you can see that these are some of the best places in the world to go play golf. If you are traveling with someone who is not a golfer, there are many resort packages that also have spas and other options for the non-golfer you bring along.
    Maui is home to lush green oceanfront courses, mountainside links and much more. You can even golf while taking in the view of a volcano! Maui is referred to as the “valley Isle” because of the two volcanic mountain ranges that for the east and west of the island. Here in the middle of these mountains is the Valley which makes up most of the island’s activity and this is where you can find the many great golf courses to choose from.
    The weather is always mild and nice and with over 20 golf courses on the Magic Isles, you can choose from the best in the country. Whether you are new to golf or has been doing it for a lifetime, you will love the many options you have in Maui.
    There are even many discount golf locations to choose from. There are places where you can enjoy golf on the greatest island in the world without spending a fortune. If you are planning a great golf adventure but you are on a tight budget, you might want to look into cheaper, affordable golf locations in Maui.

    Maui Golf Courses

    Below are some of the golf courses you have to choose from. If you are taking a golf vacation, looking to get in a few holes while on a family vacation or you want the ultimate golf resort getaway, you can find something that will meet your needs. You might want to contact the courses to find out more information about them as well as exactly where on the island they are located.

    Bay Course

    Course characteristics: rolling and hilly terrain; 68 bunkers total; 8 water hazards total; picturesque fifth hole has golfers at the edge of the Pacific.
    Kaanapali Resort South Course
    Beautiful ocean views, rolling fairways, premium on accuracy not distance.
    Kaanapali Tournament North Course
    Scenic fairways, sweeping views of the ocean and mountains.
    Makena North Course
    Located on 1,800 acres of unspoiled, natural beauty; both the North and South Courses at Makena will whet any golfer’s appetite.
    Makena South Course
    Sharing the spirit that embodies the Makena Resort, the South Course provides the serenity and tranquility many golfers are looking for.
    Plantation Course
    Course characteristics: large-scale terrain features; deep valleys; expansive greens and fairways; Home to the Mercedes Championships; the start of the PGA Tour season.
    Village Course
    Course characteristics: hilly terrain; links-style playability; 61 bunkers total; 4 water hazards total; panoramic views of Molokai, Lanai, and the Pacific Ocean.
    Wailea Blue Course
    Scenic resort golf course that has great ocean and mountain views and great family rates.
    Wailea Emerald Course
    Picturesque resort golf course. Wailea is the most women-friendly award winning golf course.
    Wailea Gold Course
    Award-winning golf; host of Champions & LPGA Skins Games.
    You should now have a better idea of some of the many places to golf in Maui. If you are looking for more information on a specific resort or others that we don’t have listed above, there are many websites that offer pictures, full information including prices and reservations and more all from their site.
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