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    There’s no doubt about it that the game of golf is one that is massively popular all over the world.  Golf is a low-impact sport that can provide participants of all ages not only a fun recreational activity but also some type of exercise.  Golf is good for the body, it’s good for the mind, it’s good for social activities, and it’s good for business.
    There has been a renewed interest in golf lately among the younger generations with the rise in popularity of golf phenomenon Tiger Woods.  These days, golf is enjoyed by young and old alike.  It gives fathers time to spend with sons and daughters, brothers with sisters, and friends with other friends.
    The game of golf is played on both the amateur and professional levels with notoriety coming to good players locally and nationally.  The professional golfers who are most famous are well-known world-wide, and often people strive to emulate them and their amazing play styles.
    Of course, golf isn’t without its stressors.  It’s nice to be out on the course when it’s a sunny spring day with a mild breeze, but it can be spoiled by bad shots, horrible lies, water hazards, and missed putts.  You see, golf isn’t an exact science.  There are many variables that go into a good golf swing, and it’s nearly impossible to perfect them all – all at the same time.
    Even so, golf can become an obsession with some people as they strive to lower their scores and beat their friends.  Millions of dollars is spent every year on golf lessons, magazines, how-to videos, and programs that purport to improve your golf swing and lower your score.
    Golf equipment is also big business as clubs are always evolving with new technologies and equipment to build them.  Big head drivers, graphite shafts, and other equipment advancements are touted as being the new best things in golf.  They are advertised heavily and make claims that you just have to have these products if you want to play good golf.
    If you’re not a golfer, you might wonder what’s so wonderful about this game.
    After all, taking a stick and hitting a little ball into a hole doesn’t sound like very much fun.  But golf is challenging and involves much more than just physical ability.  It requires thinking skills, deduction skills, and mental clarity.  Because it’s nearly impossible to perfect a golf game, it’s a great way to challenge yourself as well as others.
    We highly suggest you take up golf if you want a ways to meet new people, connect with old friends, and enjoy a fun, challenging activity.  The golf course is also a great place to conduct business.  There’s so much we can say about golf, but nothing extols the virtues of this sport like getting out on the links and just doing it!


    We are a unique breed of person; we are obsessive; we are passionate; we are golfers.  Golfers are different than other sportspeople because we often take the sport way more seriously than we really should.  But golfers don’t care.  Golfers love the game of golf and we won’t apologize for it.

    Golfers constantly monitor the weather and if the temperature is over 50 degrees, we wonder what shape the course is in.  We have The Weather Channel website as number one on our favorites list and check it daily.  The ten day forecast is our friend as we plan out our golfing days based on the weather.
    We wear the label of golfers with pride and it is reflected in our clothing, our vehicles, and the items we use to decorate our desks.  Golfers want the world to know that they love golf and they are not ashamed to admit it and put it out there for everyone to see.
    The Golf Channel is a necessary part of television for all golfers.  If our cable package doesn’t contain The Golf Channel, we switch cable carriers.  If they charge for The Golf Channel, we gladly shell out whatever price they ask with no questions.
    On Saturdays and Sundays during golf season, golfers are watching whatever tournament is on television that week.  That is, after we’ve already played a round or two.  We know that the Masters is one of the most important PGA Tour events, but we also know that it’s just as much fun to watch the Pebble Beach Celebrity Pro-Am as well.
    Golfers always know what the new driver is that has been released by Callaway and we often have heated conversations about whether to use a balata ball or a noodle.  Golfers always have golf tees in their pockets and we don’t often take them out before the clothes are washed thus wreaking havoc with our washers and dryers.
    Golfers know how Freddie Couples swings through on his chip shot.  We know that Jim Furyk has a great back swing and that John Daly can drive the ball 400 yards pretty consistently.  Golfers can tell you what year Arnold Palmer won his first major and how old Tiger was when he turned pro.
    Yes, golfers are a specific breed with their own quirks and personalities.  But golfers are proud of who they are and will never apologize for their obsession with golf.  Golfers know that golf is a way of life – not just something you do.
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