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The Ultimate Guide to Golf Course Terminology

    golf terms

    Golf Terms

    The Game of Golf

    Golf is an ancient game. It has a rich history and many terms that are often misunderstood. Golfers of all levels will find this list helpful.

    golf termsGolf is a game that requires precision, accuracy, and patience. All of these aspects are integral to the game of golf.
    Golf terminology is an important part of the game.

    Knowing golf terms can help you better understand the game, follow along with conversations about it, and even talk about it yourself.

    The golf course is a carefully designed landscape with a series of holes. The player must hit the ball from the teeing ground to the hole by using one or more clubs without losing a stroke.

    A round consists of 18 holes and takes about four hours to complete. A player is said to have par on a hole if he or she scores an even number of strokes for that hole. And bogey if he or she scores an odd number of strokes.

    Golf Terms

    The game of golf is a sport that is played worldwide. Golf terms are words or phrases that are used when playing the game of golf.

    1) The “hole” – This is the target at the end of the golf course onto which golfers try to get their balls to land so they can score points.

    2) “Putting” – This is the act of rolling the ball towards the hole (or sometimes away from it) to get it into or near the hole with as few strokes as possible.

    3) A “stroke” – This is one swing, usually made with a club, that results in either hitting or missing the ball.

    4) Par – A par is a score that indicates how well someone has done on a hole or over 18 holes.

    5) Birdie – A birdie is scored when a player makes one stroke fewer than par on any given hole. A net birdie occurs when the golfer makes par on any given hole. Having had just one stroke less than his or her requirement for that particular hole.

    The Game of Golf6) Eagle – An eagle occurs when the golf ball is holed in two shots on a par 4 or three shots on a par 5.

    7) Bogey – A bogey is one shot over par, on a par four you take 5 strokes.

    8) Dogleg – A dogleg is a hole on the golf course, typically with an abrupt turn to the left or right in the fairway.

    9) Draw- A draw refers to the trajectory of the ball in which it curves in its flight away from the player’s stance. For a right-handed golfer, the ball will end up on the left side of the fairway.

    10) Slice- A slice refers to how when you swing your club, you hit the ball to your left side when aiming at it. Causing it to go right when it meets with its destination. For a right-handed golfer, the ball will end up on the right side of the fairway.

    11) Straight – This is when your ball flight goes straight down the fairway. What many golfers call a miracle.

    12) Mulligans – mulligan balls – extra shots allowed during play of one round by informal agreement among players; also called “gimmes.”

    13) Albatross – A score of three shots under par on a single hole that is achieved with two strokes fewer than par for each shot.

    14) Attend The Flag – To stand by the flagstick and maintain its position until one’s turn to play arrives

    What are the Different Types of Holes in Golf?

    There are different types of holes in golf courses. There are par-3s, par-4s, and par-5s.

    Par-3 holes are the shortest ones, measuring three shots to the green.

    Par-4s are four shots to the green and they come in a few different types of designs – doglegs, bunkers, downhill/uphill, etc.

    Par 5 holes are the most difficult ones with five shots to the green.

    Some common ways that these holes can be classified are by their design or by difficulties for each hole type.

    You can also classify them based on their location on a course or based on their use – some holes might be designated as “safe” meaning you will not lose any strokes if you miss the green or “dangerous”

    the game of golfWhat are the Different Types of Golf Clubs?

    Golf is a game that requires both skill and precision. Golf players need to have the right equipment to play this game well. The golf club is one of the most important pieces of equipment for golf players.

    There are many different types of golf clubs, each with its purpose. These include drivers, irons, wedges, putters, and hybrids.

    Golf Rules & Etiquette

    There are many rules and etiquette to follow when playing golf.

    The game is played on a course that includes 18 holes (9 holes comprise around). It is played with fourteen golf clubs: a driver, fairway woods, irons, and a putter for putting it on the green.

    A player selects his ball from among those in the foursome (of which there are typically four). He should be confident that it is his ball by using some other identifier (like looking at the number) or marking it with a sharpie.

    Each hole has three “tees,” which are areas where players can start their shots; players choose one tee based on its length to match their strengths and weaknesses.


    In this article, I presented the basic golf terms

    I hope that you have learned some new golf terms.

    Now you can talk to your friends about golf in a more savvy way.

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