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Golf Swing – Left Knee Movement is a Key

    Hi, Robin here.

    I want to talk a little bitabout the way your left leg, particularly your left knee and your left foot works duringthe backswing.

    In recent years you’ve seen a lot of players, and instruction focusingon really restricting the left side.

    The left knee, the left thigh, providing a lot of restriction.

    Now, in my opinion, if you have a lot of flexibility, you’re almost hyper-mobile, this can workquite well for you.

    But for most players out there, I think that’s really not a good idea.

    It really doesn’t encourage a good wind up in the backswing, and it definitely doesn’tencourage a free flowing or very instinctive good transition.

    I like to see players having a little resistanceat the start of the swing, but then as they complete their backswing, the rotation thatis working down through the shoulders into the stomach into the hips and into the legsallows your left knee to work across.

    As you can see I put a stick here.

    It’s a good wayfor you to get a feeling for this.

    I see a lot of players when I work on this initiallywith them is that they move their knee right at the beginning.

    So, what I want you to geta sense of is a little of resistance at the start, but then as you wind up you let thatrotation pull your left knee across.

    Your left knee moves in from your foot, you’llfeel a little bit of a rolling effect of the left foot.

    You might almost feel like yourleft heel comes off the ground or has a very light pressure on the ground.

    Now what I find when I see players do thisis, is from here to very instinctive transition, the left hip transitions itself back overthe left foot almost automatically.

    The pressure goes into the ground under the left foot almostautomatically.

    The lower body is leading the downswing.

    There’s a little bit of separationbetween lower body and upper body.

    Again, fairly naturally so, for me say not unlessyou’re hyper-mobile, this is a much better left leg movement.

    Don’t focus too much onoverly restricting the left side.

    Now, this stick, is a good way to get a feelingfor this movement in the backswing.

    It’s very difficult to hit shots because then when youcome through in the follow through your right leg will want to hit it.

    So get the feelingin the backswing first of all with this drill, develop the sense, take the stick out, goahead and try to repeat the same feelings.

    I think this can help you strike the ballmore solid, get in more clubhead speed, and definitely improve swing plane issues.

    Anybodywho’s coming over the top getting steep, this movement is going to help your lower bodylead the downswing.

    Again, that’s going to help a straighter shot but also more solidwith more distance.