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Golf Swing Backswing

    21 Yards in 21 Days

    Golf Swing Backswing

    Longer drives in just fifteen minutes…

    That mean you can add five to ten yards in fifteen minutes.

    No… that’s entirely possible and realistic for most golfers.

    And there’s a couple of ways you can do it.

    The first way is by improving your technique.

    golf swing backswing

    For example, if you have a problem with a short backswing you can do a little trick like flaring out your right foot by ten to fifteen degrees away from your target, and you’ll be able to increase your rotation on your backswing.

    This will easily give you more distance.

    Swing speed is obviously another very easy way to gain distance quickly.

    But it’s not a matter of just trying to swing faster.

    You need to train yourself how to do it, because your brain has got a speed-like governor on it.

    If you swing at ninety mph maximum with your driver, then your brain will always try to keep you at that.

    So you have to actually do exercises and drills, to get your brain to discover that you can actually swing faster than that.

    You have the potential to add ten mph swing speed to your drives right now.

    That’s an easy twenty yards that you can add to your drives right now… but your brain is stopping you from doing it.

    So you need tricks like is revealed in this program…

    …to open your mind up to allowing yourself to swing faster.

    Another simple way to hit the ball further is to increase your flexibility, strength, power and speed etc.

    If you get the mix right in the exercises you’re doing, you can get big gains really quickly.

    So I’m sure you’re smart enough NOT to get sucked in to anything claiming you can add thirty yards to your drives in a bucket of balls.

    But you can most definitely add five to ten yards to your drives in fifteen minutes in one day.

    Then the next day you can do something else and add some more yards.

    Then the next day you can do something different again and add even more yards.

    And there’s a new program that you can follow that will help do you exactly that.

    It’s called: twenty one Yards In twenty one Days.

    Every day you’re given something simple, which takes fifteen minutes or less and it will add yards to your drives every day.

    The great thing about this NEW program is that you can do EVERYTHING at home.

    Then you’ll see big gains when you play.

    Your golfing friends will be shocked with how far you’re hitting the ball… as you’re completing this.

    Each daily task in this program takes less than fifteen minutes, and by the end of twenty one days you would have added at least twenty one yards to your drives…. OR you get your money back!

    For Your New Program, And Start Adding Twenty One Yards To Your Drive Click Here Now.

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