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Golf Short Game

    Golf Short Game

    Tips For Lower Scoring

    Many golfers spend far too much time working on their long game thinking this is the key to getting better. Learning to spend more time on the short game is key to getting a lower handicap as quickly as possible.

    Golf Short Game This part of golf involves shots from inside 150 yards which include putting, chipping and wedge shots. Spend as much time as you can working on wedge shots on the driving range as hitting a lot of shots is the best way to develop the touch necessary to get good at these shots.

    Chipping tips:

    Chipping around the greens is an often overlooked aspect to the game of golf. The best players always try to make the shot every time they are around the greens. Ball position during chipping is very important to ensure that you make solid contact.

    Your feet should point to the left of the target at a 45-degree angle with the ball placed parallel to the right foot. This setup is ideal for most chips as it will promote a descending blow to the ball which will allow the ball to come out of the rough quickly with maximum spin and control.

    Bump and run shots are often the best option to go with unless you have no green to work with and have to rely on the flop shot. The one key difference with the flop shot is ball placement which should be more towards the middle of the stance or aligned with the left foot (right-handed players).

    Golf Short Game You will most likely want to use a 60 degree or more lofted wedge for flop shots and also be sure the lie is not too tight and allows you to get under the ball.

    Putting the ball well is definitely another key aspect within the short the game. Learning to putt well is mainly a mental challenge as most people have the physical ability to be great putters.

    Maintaining high levels of confidence is critical to being a great putter so make sure to spend a lot of time on putts inside 10 feet as this will allow you to see many putts go in the hole which will assist in building confidence levels.

    When you face a long putt be sure to see the ball going to the hole on the last few rotations, do not aim for large targets on long putts like a 3-foot circle as this can increase your margin for error.

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