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Golf Putting

Learn to Improve Golf Putting Skills Fast

One of the best ways to reduce your handicap in golf is to learn to improve your putting. The short game accounts for nearly sixty percent or more of your total score for most rounds. The best golfers spend a lot of time working on the wedge game and chipping around the greens.

Find your perfect putting style

There are many different putting styles out there to pick from. Do not get caught up trying to find the perfect stroke because every putter is different so you need to find a style that will work for you.

The key to success in putting is to maintain confidence and believe that every putt you step over will go in the hole. Golfers that struggle with the putting yips usually get caught up always changing putting styles or drastically changing their routines.

golf putting

This leads to always doubting yourself which will inevitably lead to loss of confidence and a poor golf game. A key mechanical tip to keep in mind is to keep your eyes over the ball as much as you can.

A good exercise to help you accomplish this is to hold a golf ball to your eye level and then drop the ball and see if it hits the playing ball on the ground.

Developing a selective memory is another key component to becoming the best possible golfer you can be. It is very important to remember to forget about the bad shots, learn what you can from them and then move on to the next shot believing the ball will go in the putting

Do not dwell on the misses as this is a surefire way to lose confidence and risk getting the yips.

How you think has a great impact on your confidence levels so be sure to focus on the positive aspects of your game and learn from the negative experiences.

Another key point to keep in mind regarding putting is to ensure that you are always putting to make it.

No matter how long the putt is you want to always focus on making the putt as this will give you the lowest margin for error.

This does not mean that you have to hit the putt hard but instead think about putting to make it in such a way that the ball rolls into the hole softly as this will reduce your margin for error and cause you to make the most putts possible.

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