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Golf Drill – Flatten Your Swing Plane

    Hi, Robin here.

    Have you been told your golfswing is steep? What we mean by steep is that perhaps in the backswing, your club shaftis on a very vertical angle with the part of the club pointing well inside the ball,perhaps towards your toes or when you video your swing you see your club across the linepointing to the right of the target at the top of the backswing.

    Or most importantly,in the down swing again you see this club shaft steep, butt of the club inside the ball.

    Now, not unless you are very good at making some last minute compensations you’ll hita lot of shots out of the toe, you’ll take big divots and you will hit weak slice shotsto the right.

    If that’s you, you need to need to learn to shallow out your swing, in particularyour downswing.

    If you can get your club coming into the ballon a shallower angle so the club shaft is a little flatter here your contact will becomecleaner, you will hit more shots out of the center of the clubface, and you’re for sureto fix the weak slice to the right.

    To help you get a feeling for that I have a drill.

    It will look a little funny but it’s to give you the feeling of a more rounded golf swing,a more shallower golf swing.

    What I want you to do is find a spot on the driving rangewhere you can actually get on your knees.

    You can maybe use a towel if you like, underneathyour knees.

    Simply from here to start off with take some practice swings trying to keepthe clubhead as close to the ground as you can.

    In doing that your club will be swinging alot more around your body on a shallower angle.

    You’ll start to get a sense for how your armsare moving, how your left and right arm are rotating to allow the club to stay at thatright angle.

    If you were to swing steeply from here you simply would thump the clubinto the ground every time.

    Now once you get comfortable you can actually tee the ballup and go ahead and try to hit some shots.

    You might find it a little difficult to startwith, but really once you get comfortable clipping the ball off the tee peg you willnow have a feeling for how your arms should be working around your body, how they shouldbe rotating and then you can apply that to your regular swing.

    A great little drill foranybody who is getting steep, anybody who needs to get the feeling of shallowing outtheir golf swing.