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Golf Channel is Thriving

    Golf Channel is Thriving

    The popularity of the Golf Channel has exploded.

    Amateur golfers are watching more than ever before to get that one special tip that may improve their game.

    The golf channel has great resources that range anywhere from, working on your swing to successful ways to hit out of a sand trap.

    Go a little deeper into their online site and you’ll find lots of tips and suggestions for improving your performance on the course.


    Many overlook one of the most important areas for improving their game.

    That’s the fitness area.

    Most golf channel viewers are looking for that one tip that will help them to play better or a piece of equipment that will help them to perform at the next level.

    Having good equipment is a great idea. Practicing your shots out on the practice range is also very important, but your body and the way it reacts to each swing are just as important.

    This one area is perhaps what really separates the professional players from the amateurs.

    All professional players understand that the complexity of the golf swing places many demands on the body.

    Pros like Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas, Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth, and many others are spending time to improve strength, flexibility and balance to stay on top of their performance.

    If the body is not conditioned for these demands, then the swing suffers. This is one of their secrets to smoother swings, hitting longer drives, and nerves of steel.

    Their body is regularly conditioned to produce the performance they want on the course.

    The same is true for amateur and recreational players.

    By maintaining a regular exercise routine that includes strength, balance, and flexibility training, the body is ready when you hit the course.

    Conditioning can take you to the next level. Power, stamina, and consistency can all be improved by regular exercises targeted for the movements required in the golf swing.

    Improving the condition of your body can do more than you can imagine giving you more powerful and consistent swings. Add fitness to your bag and you’ll be surprised at the results.

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