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Five Mistakes Golfers Should Avoid In Tournaments

Golf Tournaments

To get desired results in golf tournaments, golfers need to play like a pro. Delivering the perfect swings can be a daunting task in a challenging golf course with 9 or 18-holes.

Even professional players do not get their swings and putts right every time.

However, it’s not just enough to learn how to swing or deliver a speedy shot. Other factors such as knowing the overall rules of the game, focusing on the putting line and lack of speed play an important role too.

There are some mistakes that many golfers make in tournaments. Here are five of the most common mistakes that golfers should avoid:

1. Improper Grip

Most golfers lay the club across their left hand palm before putting their right hand around their grasp. This technique won’t work in modern tournaments if you want to leverage the power of your shaft.

Your club must lie in the base of your fingers to make the most of the club during the game. It’s the accurate grip that matters the most in a game of golf. Make sure you hold your club firmly, not tightly.

2. Not Focusing on the Putting Line

Golfers can putt well if they are able to imagine the line between the golf ball and the hole. The common blunder is evaluating the possible route, beginning from the hole towards the ball’s position.

You will have to do exactly the opposite. Try visualizing the ball’s route from its present position to the hole. Get your putting right by picking up pace at the time when you hit the ball.

It will ensure a perfect, direct shot. The key to successful putting lies in your imagination, and how you see the ball making its way to a target hole.

3. Playing Hard Swings

This is another mistake that many golfers make. They try to make a swing which is too hard. The rule of thumb is to let your golf club do its job.

Clubs are designed to match your swing pace to produce the best in terms of control and distance. If you swing hard, it will result in an erroneous ball flight. Swinging hard will not help the ball go farther.

Instead, you can achieve distance and precision by ensuring right balance, precise weight shift and club head pace. If your club head speed is too high, it will result in loss of control.

4. No Focus on the Ball

Many golfers lift their head to focus more on where a shot goes instead of keeping their eyes on the ball. If you raise your head before the contact, you’ll face two problems.
Firstly, your hand-eye harmonization will be hampered while you are trying to make contact. Secondly, when you lift your upper body you will either miss the ball or hit an imperfect shot that makes the golf ball just trickle along the course.

5. Restless Legs

You can play a successful short game if you manage to keep the motions of your upper body right. Your legs must not be restless at all. Keep them still. Get your posture correct. Make the most of your hands and arms to play perfect shots.

Unleash power and control when using your hands and arms.

Avoiding these mistakes in golf tournaments will help you come off with flying colors. Practice enough before the big event to achieve great scores.

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