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Feet In Golf Swing: 2/6 Golfer!

    Hey, welcome to the video on the foot position, OK.

    Nowguys I really want you to internalize our silent our feet are because when I give golflessons or when I have people send me their swings, one of the main things is there’stoo much motion in their golf swings; there’s too much body movement.

    It all starts fromthe feet, OK? So I want you to get a good idea of how the feet work.

    Now what I havehere is I have Luke Donald, OK, his feet there from the down the line view, OK? And of course,you see my feet here on the left side here, which are right there, and what we’re goingto do is we’re going to see how silent his feet are from beginning to end, OK? Now, let’sstart with Luke Donald.

    Now, if you look at the box, notice how when Luke’s coming offthe ball, OK, his club is all the way to parallel on the back swing, on the takeaway, and hisfeet haven’t moved, OK? Now, again, my club’s right here, like I mentioned.

    Now, what I’mgoing to do, I’m going to clear that now.

    When I take the club back, OK, I’m probablyat parallel right about now, OK, and now my feet haven’t moved, OK? Because we’re gettinga solid foundation to our swings and we want everything to start with our feet, because,see, that’s where we get the power and we come back into the ball, OK? Now, let’s takea look to the top of his back swing.

    As you can see, his feet still have not moved.

    OK,now what’s happened is he has a little pinch in on his knee, OK, now I’m going to takemy swing to the top of my back swing.

    I guess it’s about there, and as you can see, I probablyhave a little pinch in my knee, if you could see my knee, because my lead leg has goneback just a little bit.

    So right now, we’re both at the top of our back swings, OK? Now,notice as we come down, let me clear one of these– let me clear those there, let me putmy box around the– hold on just a second.

    Let me put my box back around Luke’s feet.

    Now, as Luke comes down, OK, notice as he drops his arms, just notice the the foot action.

    Now he’s going to come back down, now he’s in the slots– very important position inthe golf swing because this is where all the power is; this is where, now, you can go afterthat ball, OK? Again, his feet are where? His feet are flat, OK? They’re getting thepower from the ground.

    OK, now let’s bring my swing down.

    Right now I’m in the slot,now I’m probably in the slot here, so my feet still haven’t moved, OK, too much, in termsof no action, OK? Now let’s keep going with Luke.

    As he’s coming through, now he’s backdown, his club’s out in front of him.

    His feet are still what? Still flat.

    Now, it impacts,OK, his feet barely come off the ground.

    In fact, they roll to the inside of his big toe.

    And again, that’s where you get the power.

    Now I’m going to bring my swing down to impact,just about right there, OK.

    As you can see, our feet, our heels have just barely comeoff the ground.

    If you could see my heel, my heel has just barely come off the groundback there, just like Luke’s is right there, OK? And of course, we go on to our follow-throughnow.

    People say, “Well, Terry, when does the foot come up?” You know, “When does that rearfoot come up? Because I see all these pro players, you know, they’re rear foot comesand they’re way up on their toe.

    ” OK, well, the thing is, once you release through theball and rotate out to your target, now look what happens? Now you can come up and nowthat foot rolls up all the way on its toe, OK, that we’re all familiar with.

    Now my swingthe same way.

    I hit through the ball, now I come up on my toe, OK? Again, we don’t dothis prematurely, OK? If we do it to quick, if our hips move too fast and our feet becomedetached from the ground, we’re going to lose a lot of power and chances are we’re goingto slice that ball because we’re going to be moving too fast through the ball and it’sgoing to open our club face and all kind of bad things can happen.

    But I just wanted togive you an insight on, again, how the feet work in the golf swing, OK? Now, for thoseof you who are joining me from YouTube, click the link below, put your name and email addressin the box for me 2/6 coaching videos and you can also download the 2/6 mobile app onthat link, also.

    So you can do two things on that page.

    Really, really, take advantageof that because what’s going to happen is I’m coming out with 2/6 Player, spring thisyear; $3.

    99 gives you all access, all access to 2/6 Player and that gives you advancedgolf instruction with draws, fades, bunkers, stingers– all that good stuff, as far asadvanced instruction.

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    That’s really, really going to nice, guys, and I’ll release videos onthe Golf Fantasy Trail real shortly before spring hits.

    OK? So have fun, enjoy.

    Again,the feet position and toe line is envision your feet being the foundation of your golfplane and you’ll be well on your way to taking all that motion out of your swing so you canget a solid shot.

    I willtalk to you in the next video.