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Two Driving Range Games to Make Practice More Fun

    Driving Range Games

    Do you find the driving range a boring and repetitive task? Read on to discover two games that you can play at the driving range, which will increase the enjoyment you get from a driving range session and possibly lower your handicap.

    When many amateur golfers head to the driving range, they will simply hit 100 balls as quickly as possible without really taking any care where their ball lands.

    Driving Range

    It becomes a repetitive experience where they grab a ball, whack it and if it felt ‘good’ then that was a good shot… regardless of how far off their target, they were. They probably never actually had a target in the first place but to try and hit it over the back of the range.

    This is never going to improve your game. You will become tired after X amount of shots and without a proper practice routine, you will only engrave errors into your swing that will be seen in your rounds of golf.

    Before we mention the two games, let’s talk a little bit about numbers. The average high handicapper hits say, 100 shots per round of golf. At most on average, they would only need the driver once per hole. That makes only 14% of a high handicappers round with the driver. So why are you hitting 100% of your balls at the range with a driver?

    Okay, so what if you could make your driving range sessions more fun and a lot more useful?

    Play the Course
    We need to break the habit of just hitting ball after ball, no practice swing and engraving nothing but pure evilness into that golf swing. How? Play the course…

    Pick a scorecard of a golf course that you know quite well visually in your head. For most players, this would be their local golf course that they are a member of.

    Driving RangeNow, you play through that golf course, hitting each club as you would in real life. If you hit a bad shot then you can either make your next shot a recovery shot or take yourself a mulligan and hit it again until you hit it exactly how you like.

    This will force you to change golf clubs and mix around the types of shots that you play on the course. Be sure to take practice swings for each shot and work through your normal routine pre-shot. You’re not at the driving range to hit 100 balls as quick as possible. Quality over quantity.

    This is a really useful practice game and you can play it with a friend too.

    This game on the driving range was derived from a skateboarding game that I would play as a younger kid. The idea is that the first person sets a ‘trick’ and the next player must match it. If he doesn’t match it then they get the letter H. When H.O.R.S.E. is created by one player, they lose.

    Soon the driving range, the first player shouts out a shot – such as, ‘9 iron onto the left-side green’. If he doesn’t hit it and the second player does, player one gets the letter.

    If both hit it, then player one sets again. The winner of each round sets the next rule.

    You can mix around the rules how you like to make it as fun as you like.

    What practice games do you enjoy the driving range?

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