Chipping Drill – Hit Your Landing Spot

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    Hit Your Landing Spot

    Hi, Robin here with a good drill for whenyou’re practicing on the short game area, especially for people who are called spotchippers, people who are picking a spot, they want to land the ball on when they’re chipping.

    So what we’re going to do is, you can do thiswith a couple of golf balls, but I want you to go through your normal routine: lookingat the shot, looking at the slope, deciding where you want to land the ball.

    And thenwith a tee, walk up to that spot and simply mark it with the tee.

    Let’s say about here.

    So now you’ve defined your target, and nowsimply I want you to try to hit the shot, and hit the tee.

    A little left of the tee but the distancewas good.

    Now I like this drill for two reasons.

    Number one, it’s helping you choose the rightspot.

    Perhaps I’d hit around the tee, but the ball didn’t go close to the hole.

    I’mgetting some feedback that I chose the wrong spot.

    Just by practicing this, I’ll improvemy ability to pick the right spot to hit.

    Second of all, we’re improving our abilityto hit our spot by putting the tee in the green, it focuses you on your target, you’repracticing, controlling your distance and landing the ball in the right spot.

    So gooddrills for two different reasons, as I said, especially for those people who are pickingspots when they’re chipping.


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