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Carnoustie Championship Course

    British Open 2018, Carnoustie Golf Club and The Claret Jug

    The British Open, the oldest golf championship in the world and in 1860 is when the first British Open all started.

    The Claret Jug, golfs most coveted and oldest trophy, and at Carnoustie in July the worlds leading golfers will be there to compete for this treasured Jug.

    Special memories of past competitions will be remembered and on this world stage when golfing legends and near legends go by one another on this course emotions will spill out.

    Some of the most knowledgeable golfing spectators in the world by the thousands will flock to follow their favorite golfers in action.

    Every British Open is filled with drama and excitement, and at England’s Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake in the 2014 open was no exception to the rule.

    Although in Scotland, when the open is played there and is home to some of the toughest links courses of all, and open magic really comes into its own at these tournaments.


    The mighty links at Carnoustie will be the place when The British Open returns to its Scottish roots.

    Carnoustie, the ultimate challenge and a well earned reputation by all golfers to have played there.

    With links style golf the 2018 Open will be a real test on the golfers and promises to be one of the most thrilling tournaments in recent history.

    Carnoustie remains a true champion and a worthy holder of its top dog, world class ranking.

    Carnoustie is firmly positioned amongst the very best golf courses, although some say that the finesse is lacking or lack the aesthetics of other golf courses.

    Carnoustie still remains the true champion it is and is worthy of holding its top dog position in the world class rankings.

    Mountaineers scale Mount Everest and that is why golfers come to play at Carnoustie. Carnasty as it is called in Scotland is the toughest course there is and probably anywhere else in this golfing world.

    You’re golfing abilities will be tested to its limits, and that is what the extremes of Carnoustie does to golfers.

    Britain’s greatest course, as Walter Hagen considered to be hosted six previous British Opens.

    The Champions of this tournament tells the story of its greatness with Tom Watson, Gary Player, Ben Hogan, Henry Cotton and Tommy Armour, who have all earned this great honor each of them achieving victory with no better then nominal par at Carnasty.

    british open

    Will the golf course be setup as tough and nasty as it was in 1999 when Carnasty grew the rough to such extreme lengths and also narrowed the fairways to little over 20 yards wide.

    This year it is all about Carnoustie in Scotland and how this British Open will be setup.

    In 2005 and 2006 Tiger Woods captured this prestige British Open.

    Which pro golfer walks away with the claret jug and wins the British Open when the Open invades Carnoustie Golf Club will have proved himself and go down in history.

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