Back Exercise And Golf Are Synonymous

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    Back Exercise

    Back exercise and golf. Doesn’t that sound like a common denominator? Of all the injuries in golf, the low back is by far the highest one.

    To explain why doing back exercise for golf is important, a golfer needs to understand why.

    The golf swing is one of the most (if not the most) stressful movements on the lower back. Picture this. You’re in a static position at the start; then you try to rotate your upper body as far as you can go, while keeping the lower body as stable as you can.

    This movement all by itself puts tremendous stress on the lower back. If you have a lower level of rotational flexibility, you are at HIGH RISK for low back injuries. You many have one as we speak.

    Now picture having the strength to ‘uncoil’ that backswing, maintaining your golf posture at between 80-100 mph. If you have not participated in a back exercise for golf, you will not be able to generate any power at impact, therefore your driving distance is inadequate.

    Does this sound familiar?

    It should. I see this all the time on the golf course. Especially with the senior golfers. They have physically declined over the years and have not done any back exercise for golf and can’t generate and club head speed.

    There is hope!

    To remove the threat of low back injury and improve your ability to turn back and turn through with power, you just need to do a couple of simple back exercises for golf.

    One example of a back exercise for golf that you should be doing several times a day is what I call the Lying Leg Crossover, which is incorporated in all my products.

    Here’s what you do:

    Lie on your back with your legs extended.

    Raise one leg and bend at the knee to 90 degrees and the hip to 90 degrees.

    Cross that leg over extended leg, while opposite shoulder stays on ground.

    Go until slight pull in butt and lower back.

    Hold and repeat once more.

    Switch legs and do opposite side.

    This is a very simple back exercise for golf and no equipment is required.

    Just do this back exercise for golf religiously and you’ll see a HUGE improvement!

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