The Golf Putt Are You For Dough Or For Show?

Experienced golfers know the saying; “Drive for show and putt for dough.” If you want to make par on every hole, your score will be based on how long the hole is plus the two putts you make on each green. A little calculating will bring you a … [Continue reading]

Golf Tips On When To Chip Versus Putting

Playing a chip shot from the fringe of a green versus putting through the fringe can be a little confusing for the average golfer. A lot of golfers choose to putt for the fear of not being able to control the distance of a chip shot around a … [Continue reading]

A Golf Career Can Turn Your Passion Into A Lifestyle

  A golf career sounds like an exciting and glamorous dream to many who love the sport. However, it is more accessible than you may believe. According to a 2005 study by Golf Digest, there are over 35,000 golf courses currently … [Continue reading]

The Delusion Of Consistency

Most once-a-week golfers understand that scoring in the seventies on a regular basis, requires a level of commitment, in time and resources, that is beyond reach. Achieving a level of consistency, however, now that's another story. Every … [Continue reading]

A Tool to Create More Backspin

You've just hit the perfect pitch shot into the green; it's all over the flag and your fellow golfing mates are already congratulating you on your efforts. As you watch the ball land, you see the ball bound past the pin, over the green and into the … [Continue reading]

What Height Do I Tee the Ball?

You're quite new to the game of golf; you pull out the driver on the first tee along with a golf ball and tee. You begin to push the tee into the ground before stopping and asking yourself, 'what height do I tee the ball?' It's a pretty basic … [Continue reading]

The Power of Attention

Have you ever hit a perfect shot? Can you recall what you were thinking? Whenever I pose these questions during a seminar, very few of the participants can recall the actual thought process prior to the shot. Most of them, however, can describe … [Continue reading]