Great Golfers Impact Secrets

Look at these Tour Pro Impact Secrets... Notice how no two players on Tour swing exactly the same. Each great golfer has something in their swing and setup that makes them unique. BUT.... When you see still pictures from great golfers at impact, … [Continue reading]

Ben Hogan Golf Clubs Synonymous With Quality

Ben Hogan The name Ben Hogan stands for quality, therefore, his Ben Hogan Golf Clubs must mean exceptional quality too. Ben Hogan Golf Clubs made their mark in the golfing world in 1953. Only the finest clubs, balls and golf equipment have been … [Continue reading]

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

The US Open Golf Tournament will be held on June 11 - June 17 2018 at shinnecock hills golf club in southampton long island new york. Shinnecock hills golf club is a links-style golf club, one of the oldest in the United States, being founded way … [Continue reading]

How To Warm-Up For Your Golf Game In 5 Minutes

How To Warm-Up For Your Golf Game In 5 Minutes With Golf Fitness Stretches It is well known that in every professional sport athletes perform a series of flexibility exercises and drills to prepare them to play a game. The game of golf is no … [Continue reading]

Golf Swing Help With A Different Approach

Golf swing help is a thought in most amateur golfers minds on a daily basis. The never-ending search for a quick fix to your golf swing. I receive emails every day reading how golfers have tried “everything” and still haven’t improved. They have … [Continue reading]

Golf Channel is Thriving

The popularity of the Golf Channel has exploded. Amateur golfers are watching more than ever before to get that one special tip that may improve their game. The golf channel has great resources that range anywhere from, working on your swing to … [Continue reading]

Six Keys To Pitching From The Fairway

Accurate pitching reduces your golf handicap. Turning three strokes into two by pitching close to the pin cuts strokes from your scores. Cut enough strokes and you’ll lower your handicap significantly. Learning to pitch accurately from the … [Continue reading]