Golf’s Troubleshooter – Ebook Sales Page

This step-by-step book will teach you very easily how to hit the various shots required to get out of trouble to save par…and your round!! Golf’s Troubleshooter will teach you the proper course management skills used by tour professionals. With … [Continue reading]

The Most Valuable Golf Swing Secret

Golf Swing Secret

There is a golf swing secret that can change everything for any golfer. There is no doubt that executing the perfect golf swing is a difficult feat and doing it consistently is even harder to accomplish. This golf swing secret is so powerful that … [Continue reading]

Chipping & Pitching Yip – The Cure

Chipping & Pitching Yip

Hi Robin here. Now if you're struggling withyour chipping or your pitching, making good contact with the ball. Perhaps you feel likeyou've got the yips. I've got a couple simple tips for you. Now it's a deep subject, butthere's no … [Continue reading]

Lamkin Golf Grip Tips: A Better Short Game

short game

Bob: Hi, I'm Bob Lamkin, President and CEO of Lamkin Grips. I'm here today at the beautiful St Louis Golf and Country Club with my good friend, BrendanSteele, PGA Tour Professional. And we're going to talk a little bit aboutgrip pressure today … [Continue reading]

Chipping Putter Style – Golf Tips & Drills

chipping putter style

If you can putt you can definitely chip here's what I call a 999 emergency chip if you're really struggling you feel like you're going to hit it fat or thin every time you get over a chip try this is so simple just set up withyour wedge like it's a … [Continue reading]