Putting Tips -Three Common Mistakes Golfers Make by Tom Good, PGA Golf Instructor


I want to talk about three mistakes people make on the putting green number one is the eyes in the putting, a lot of people will get over the ball getting ready hit their putting stroke, okay knock that putt in and the tendency is to follow either … [Continue reading]

Lamkin Golf Grip Tips: Cleaning Your Grips


Bob: For all of us that watch golf on the weekends and we see players all the time. And you'll see before a critical shot the player taking the towel and wiping the grip down. And what we're very excited about with the Ace Material is that if … [Continue reading]

Golf Mental Tips – Don’t Let Slow Play Affect Your Mental Toughness


Well hello there it is Linda Candy from Golf Mental Tips with your quick golf psychology video tip of the week. The weeks go by so fast it's time to give you a great tip because it is June, what happens in June? Well herein the UK the golf courses … [Continue reading]

Full Swing


For more than two decadesI played the PGA Tour and was one of the better players from tee to green. In the 1983 PGA Championship and both of the TPC championships, I was the strongest ball-strikerin the field that week. Be the right club. Be … [Continue reading]

Increase your golf swing speed — How the legs work in your swing


Hello Revolution Golfers - this is Courtney Mahon from The Raven Golf Club and today we're going to talk about the knees and how they work in the golf swing. Revolution Golfers I'm here with Courtney my main assistant and we're going to talk to … [Continue reading]