8 Important Steps To Achieve The Perfect Golf Swing

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The Perfect Golf Swing     To people who are new to the world of golf but, nevertheless, are intending to play the sport, one factor that they should focus on is the perfect golf swing. To mention some other factors, there are a … [Continue reading]

Golf Swing – Left Knee Movement is a Key


Hi, Robin here.I want to talk a little bitabout the way your left leg, particularly your left knee and your left foot works duringthe backswing.In recent years you've seen a lot of players, and instruction focusingon really restricting the left … [Continue reading]

The Proper Swing Sequence

Proper Swing Some people who listen to my golf lessons think the swing is all about moving the right body parts. But knowing which parts to move isn’t enough. You also need to know what sequence to move them in, when, and how quickly. Building … [Continue reading]

Golfing In The Wind


Weather Conditions     Wind and other weather conditions can play a large role in the quality of your game. Even though you may have the perfect stance, the right club in hand, and the right green conditions, if the wind is … [Continue reading]

Exercises For Golfers Pay Huge Dividends

Exercises For Golfers Pay Huge Dividends Exercises for golfers may seem like an oxymoron, but I’m here to tell they are most definitely not. Golf is physical! Golf causes injury! Golf can very easily break down the body! To hit the ball maximum … [Continue reading]