Golf – Bunker Shot Technique


Bunker shots, the shots many amateurs are scared of, but you watch the professionals play it and really they look like they rather be in the sand or on the grass or in certainly some rough. It's a lot to do with their under standing of the … [Continue reading]

Online Golf Instruction Program – Drop 7.5 Shots in a Week


Online Golf Instruction ProgramDrop 7. 5 Shots in a Week. Source: Youtube subtitles   shot at the 2008 Open File:Golf bunker shot 2.jpg Hazard (golf) Golfer swing.jpg View page View page View page View … [Continue reading]

Golf Drill – Feet Together With Ground Force


Here's a very old drill which has been used for a very long time to help players stay more central in their swing. If players have the fault of swaying to the right in the back swing or sliding to the left in the downswing, they could use this … [Continue reading]

How to Keep the Left Arm Straight


Are you one of those golfers who is always trying to make sure your left arm is straight? Have you read articles in magazines that have told you all the pros keep their left arm straight? Hey this is Sean McTernan and you are watching another episode … [Continue reading]

Golf: Feel Your Follow Through


Something I hate to see good players - especially junior players - doing is standing on a driving range with one club, one target, and making one type of golf swing. A skill to being an elite player or gaining control of your golf ball is being … [Continue reading]